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  1. Trextr7monkey

    Help identifying machine fence

    Hi I collected a lathe the other day and in with the various bits and pieces was a fence from an old machine. It’s cast and 10.5” long I wonder if anyone can identify what it’s from and then hopefully it can go somewhere to be used, it’s of no use to me so happy to pass on for postage if anyone...
  2. Trextr7monkey

    Sold SOLD Mitre trimmer £100

    Portable mitre trimmer, used to get perfect mitre joints on picture frames, beading, dado rails, skirting’s and door frames. The blade shears off thin shavings and the angle can be altered to suit unusual sizes. Cuts maximum of 4” high. (105mm) and 7” (107mm) wide Handle can be removed for...
  3. Trextr7monkey

    Wanted Mitre gauge for Axminster white bandsaw AWHBS250N

    Just picked up one of these small Axminster bandsaws which has parted company with the supplied mitre gauge. I thought I would see if anyone on here happens to have one lying about before investigating a new replacement. The T bar that fits in the slot in the table seems to be an odd size being...
  4. Trextr7monkey

    Sold Union machinists tool chest

    Union 5 drawer machinist’s cabinet in very good clean condition, 2 keys all drawers work smoothly, original leather carry handle. Has had an easy life. See pics for details Located north Cumbria but can send by courier. £185 Any questions get in touch
  5. Trextr7monkey

    For Sale Harrison Union Jubilee lathe package 240v

    As originally supplied to schools and colleges for training purposes. Very reliable and can be adapted for all sorts such as sanding and polishing etc easy to maintain and very little to go wrong. This is a professional grade machine that will run for long periods. I have had several lathes over...
  6. Trextr7monkey

    Sold Faircut centre lathe

    Faircut lathe Faircut lathe made in Sheffield 1930s in excellent order, well designed with guards on head stock gears and proper clamp on the tail stock. Supplied by Henry Osborn Ltd a Newcastle tool shop demolished to make way for Eldon Square. Not a lot of information on the usual sites...
  7. Trextr7monkey

    Wanted Orteguil OR C 55 guillotine blades

    Hi just acquired a little Orteguil guillotine but blades are badly worn. Anecdotally I have heard there’s a place in Sheffield that will regrind and resharpen but I thought I would ask first if anyone has a spare set to sell. Thanks