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  1. J

    Old Startrite table saw identification

    Click on his username and 'start conversation'.
  2. J

    Removing Ercol 'Golden Dawn' finish

    I haven't stripped Ercol but I've done plenty of others. Is your need the legs and tabletop the same shades, you'll probably want to avoid a big heavy sander, which will take loads of the flat top.and then you'll stuggle to match the edges, champhers, scrollwork etc. I would first try to clean...
  3. J

    Tennis elbows

    I got pretty bad case of tennis elbow last year when i spent a couple weeks ripping nails out with a claw hammer. Don't ask. I avoided doing any more of that for 6 months and it's settled down. Even now holding the phone, I can feel it lurking there in the elbow so I'm pretty careful to avoid...
  4. J

    Building control gone mad?

    During the late, unlamented Celtic Tiger economy, building regs were lowered to make it easier and cheaper to build. Architects and installers could 'self-certify' the works were in compliance. As a result the public purse is on the hook to correct defects in sereral hundred thousand homes...
  5. J

    How to tell it’s my birthday

    Happy b'day!
  6. J

    First attempt at milling own wood

    Excellent and exactly what I bought my bandsaw to do only I haven't had the courage yet. Possibly using seasoned oak for my first attempt was ill advised. I highly recommend running the planer thicknesser outside! But away from the washing line!!
  7. J

    Glueing pallet wood

    I use a lot (a LOT!) of pallet wood for various things of various levels of finesse, and I find most of it is pretty poor quality softwood, either very fibrous, very brittle, lots of pockets of resin, or all of the above. I can't imagine bothering to try turning it. I reluctantly dig into my...
  8. J

    Do you have to sleep there?

    Dangnabbit Spark, with the entire garden at your disposal, you have to sleep under the mitre saw??
  9. J

    What hammer for chisels?

    Given other teaching working practices, such as flinging dusters at your head and random clouting in the ear, I think protecting students was at the bottom of the list, below protecting tools, protecting machinery, and protecting working conditions...
  10. J

    What hammer for chisels?

    Getting back to the OPs question... my choice would smaller metal sledge. These are clearly designed to take the punishment of being whacked with a metal hammer on site, taking big dirty chunks of wood out as quickly as possible. I personally wouldn't use a claw hammer but it's your knuckles...
  11. J

    Dangerous Pallets?

    I think scientifically soaking the risk associated with using MB marked pallet wood is likely to be insignificant. However given that there are plenty of risks in wood working already, using MB pallets is a risk I can, and do, avoid. So only HT- marked pallet wood for me, thanks.
  12. J

    Relocation to Lake Tahoe CA

    Having lived in USA, (California, Michigan) I'm not sure the issue of health insurance is being given enough weight. Coming as we do from societies where free or nearly free health care is a given, I was shocked - even as a fighting fit young man - at how worried EVERYONE is about their health...
  13. J

    "Parts near End of Life" message

    This sounds like an elapsed time thing, because I doubt Epson installed a sensor in the ink pads to determine how full they are! Even if they start leaking, deffo DIY repair, especially as Droogs has the manual. I've fixed my Canon several times.
  14. J

    saw keep

    A simple saw till like this one is easily made from, in my case, either recycled heat-treated pallets or a random pine IKEA something out of a skip. No fancy joints or anything. Saw Till I didn't bother with the toggles or fancy angled holders, just made two sections to rack them all up side...
  15. J

    Feeling very violated today

    'Don't work in places where one needs a stab vest' is a pretty good rule to live by.
  16. J

    Feeling very violated today

    Of course they are, they run the same calculation; get injured confronting some hyper aggressive adrenalised strong young man, or take your time responding so they're long gone...
  17. J

    Feeling very violated today

    1. Easy way to control kids access to devices is to activate parental controls. Google had Family Link, for e.g. Apple and most games consoles also have parental controls. 2. 2-person response teams are a minimum requirement, as is a big Maglite or similar to act as a self defence club. 3...
  18. J

    Silk purse from a sow's ear? Any advice?

    Can i ask how you cleaned up the lever cap? That's the one thing i generally leave alone. Thanks
  19. J

    100mm Starrett double square

    Amazon Germany? Starrett 13 A Double Square With Hardened Blade