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    Northampton chap needs help

    What size and maetrials Mark? do they need boring to fix to (presumably) handles? How soon do you need them? Adam.
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    Can you help?

    I haven't been on the fourum for a number of reasons which I'd rather not go into, though I have been a regular visitor when I've been able to (usually when I can borrow some time on friends laptops!). However, I'm here now and asking for help. Can you spare a few quid to help Macmillan? I'm...
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    bike lanes again

    Maybe cycle riders should carry insurance, after all? Many, including myself, do.
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    The big day is almost here.

    Thank you. Robin, there are plans afoot for a ride on the wooden beauty when it's built..... Watch this space...
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    The big day is almost here.

    I haven't been active on the forum for some time now. As some of you may recall, I have been training for a 300 mile bike ride, from Newcastle to London in under 24 hours. (Well that, and I now have a 6 month old son to add to the seven year old one I already had!). I just thought those that...
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    Congratulations. Take care of them all. Adam.
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    Excellent video, and great music too. Another skill I'd love to have, but know I never will will. How long was the point on that pencil?! Adam.
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    Macmillan Cancer/Cycling Challenge and Tool Giveaway.

    Thanks Keith. And thank you to everyone who has thus far donated. The total is up to £100 now. Still a long way to go. Come on guys and girls. It's a great cause... Here's the poster I'm sticking around my workplace.... All the best. Adam Riley.
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    Macmillan Cancer/Cycling Challenge and Tool Giveaway.

    Hello all. I started another thread about this some weeks ago, however things went a little awry, so I've started another. In August I'm taking part in an organised event (Ride 24), in which I have to ride from Newcastle to London in 24 hours. That's 300 miles, by pushbike in a day. I'm taking...
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    Newcastle to London in 24 hours. By bike. Sponsorship needed

    Just a quick update. Those that sponsored already know, but the charity I was doing this for have backed out of participation in the event. I will now be doing it for Macmillan Cancer Support, and I would still greatly appreciate your support. Adam.
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    Bird ID book

    +1for the Collins book. My son was delighted to identify a Pied Wagtail using 'ours' only this afternoon. All the best, and enjoy. Adam.
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    Amazing crafstmanship. Looking forward to more pictures of your work. Welcome to the forum. All the best. Adam.
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    Newcastle to London in 24 hours. By bike. Sponsorship needed

    Started off the New Year with a little hill repeat challenge this morning. 0.8 mile up, average gradient 7%, max gradient 12%. Up and down 10 times. Total distance 14.2 miles. Total ascent 2519ft. Not quite the Alpe D'huez, but it's a start. I know the distance is pitiful but today was more...
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    Plastic mirror mounts - a warning!

    Bloody hell, that could have been nasty. Glad you weren't in there. God luck with the clean up. Adam.
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    Waka, I sincerely hope this doesn't put you off. The work you do in organising this each and every year is appreciated by everyone that takes part. That said, if you did wish to retire from active duty, please don't feel obliged to carry on. Adam. (wishing he could have taken part this year...
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    Happy New Year, and thank you.

    I know it's not midnight, but I'm stripping the walls in my bedroom tonight so I'll probably forget later on... I just want to wish all members of this fine forum a happy, healthy 2015, and thank you all for your help, advice and support over the last year. Some of you are aware that my wife and...
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    Inside my new workshop....

    Oh my! I'm very jealous. Looks like an amazing space Mark. Would love to work in there. Have a good New Year mate. All the best. Adam.
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    Newcastle to London in 24 hours. By bike. Sponsorship needed

    Thank you all for the comments and donations. (Keep them coming!) I'm not sure of the route myself yet - I find out in the New Year. ( This is organised by a company called ride24) I'll keep this thread updated with a running total, and my training so you can sponsor me with confidence that...