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  1. J

    wood polishing(pens)

    which is the best way to polish wood in paticular and acrylic in pen making . Are polishing mops with tripoli compound g52 the best or micromesh? hut crystal polish hut acrylic or as something better come on the market I cant think of a better way of finding out than asking you dedicated...
  2. J


    hi bought some old cellulose accetate pen blanks on a spur of the momment how do you polish them I have hut ultra gloss plastic polish but not sure that will do? any ideas? gratefully recieved thanks jonesbones.
  3. J

    dust extactor

    I need to make or buy a small extractor fan for pen and general small woodturnig I have a small electric motor which is very quite, which is essential would appreiciate any info thanks jonesbones
  4. J

    table top saws

    Been looking at table top saws . proxxon fet table saw and a de walt dw 745 beeing the awkward bu---- i am is there anything in between proxxon a bit small de walt a bit large but need something thats accurate. bought a aldi one dose its job but consistent straight cuts no. I need something for...
  5. J

    painting funiture

    hi I am going to paint a old (100 years approx)pine bathroom, bedroom, stand the type that used to have bowl and jug on it. Would have been painted when it was first made, want to do a descent job on it, never painted furniture before do I need a primer ? under coat? special paint? filler? any...
  6. J

    resin blanks

    HI been looking at some resin molds but since I have not even used resin to make a pen I would like to know what resin, what colours resins there are etc the complete guide for a rank begginer. Got some brown oak for pen blanks lovely markings but would like to lighten the colour a bit any...
  7. J

    bog oak

    hi I wonder if anyone has a good method of polishing Irish bog oak tried a couple of ways thin ca glue polishing by buffing . but it dosent seem to work very well any ideas welcome jonesbones
  8. J

    pen polishing

    hi I went to axminster watched a demo on pen turning the chap used three polishing mop and three wax sticks. I did not manage to have a talk to him he was busy but the finish he achived was a lot better than mine. I just sand down with micro mesh pads and use Hut polish. looked at some buffing...
  9. J

    drying pen blanks

    hi has anybody tried drying wood for pen planks in a microwave Ive heard it is done but how long etc? or any other short cut? jonesbones
  10. J

    pen dieplay box

    hi Has anybody made a pen display box or similar, got a few ideas but a few more wont do any harm as a friend say two heads are better than one even if they are sheeps heads cheers jonesbones
  11. J

    celtic cross

    hi jonzjob No I havent done a celtic cross never heard of one one on a pen. I am a bit new to pen turnlng more used to making rocking chairs tables and stuff but I am certainly going to have a go at making a celtic cross . looked at your photo bucket Impressed. jonesbones
  12. J

    pen blank drill jig

    Hi Has anybody made a jig for drilling pen blanks. thanks jonesbones
  13. J


    I read about someone looking for a 15/32 wood drill and had problems finding one. I have the same problem so I am wondering if some body found out where. (Are colt the best wood drills or are there any better?) jonesbones
  14. J

    chisel sharpener

    I am looking to buy a Tormek chisel sharpener or a Robert Sorby pro edge If someone as used both would appreciate there views jonesbones
  15. J

    wood turning lathe

    purchased newany jet mini lathe (jml 1014) found the motor ran very hot assured by axminster technical team that was normal . anyone own the same lathe and had the same experiance? thanks jonesbones