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  1. ac445ab

    Tool chest

    Ciao, In recent times I did not post much, however here it is my last work. I needed a case for my hand tools and always had the wish of building a traditional tool chest. I used silver fir for the box and drawers, beech for the skirts. Finishing is casein tempera (milk paint) and linseed oil...
  2. ac445ab

    Rough Carpentry: Little Garden Fence

    It all started when we decided of limiting part of our garden for avoiding access to Johnny. Who is Johnny? Our incomparable Beagle! So I thought of installing a wooden fence, 175 cm long, very simple: two side pieces with a central gate. The project is quite simple but I showed its...
  3. ac445ab

    Plane ID help

    Ciao, In order to give a friend to n°16 unpaired hollow plane I had, a n° 16 round came to me from UK. It has "Ward London" at the toe, I think could be the maker mark, but I could not find this planemaker in the Goodman book (second edition) I have. Any info about? Thanks Ciao Giuliano :D
  4. ac445ab

    I love traditional wooden planes

    Hi, I am having a good time in realizing some traditional British style wooden planes, so I made a video about the technics I am using for. Sorry for some mistake in subtitles. GiH1-4C0-h4 Regards Giuliano
  5. ac445ab

    A British Infill Plane made in Italy

    We must to admit, British style Infill planes are really beauties, solid and strong performers. So, my friend Vittorio and I have decided of joining our passion for planes and having a try to build one. Unfortunately, we never have had an occasion for a meeting but, even if we live in North...
  6. ac445ab

    I love Classic British wooden Planes

    I like their simple design and sturdy body. I just built this 70 cm jointer. Wood is beech, construction is in 4 pieces. Wengè strike button. Sorry, I haven't WIP pics. With a standard 22" jointer, my model :wink: Ciao Giuliano :D
  7. ac445ab

    Help for Infill plane ID

    Hi all, some time ago I found and purchased this plane on ebay. No maker name or other writes are present, except "Dell Bros Cast Steel" on the cap iron. It has not a very tight mouth (no pic,sorry). I think is because the iron (I &H Sorby) may be isn't the original, being tapered...
  8. ac445ab

    My moving Fillister

    Hi, I built my moving fillister and wish to share with you. Woods are beech and wengè. Ciao Giuliano :D
  9. ac445ab

    Anton Berg Eskilstuna blades

    Ciao, Some days ago I was following this auction for an Anton Berg plane iron, but I forgot to bid. ... NA:IT:3160 For my curiosity I wanted to know the final price. 172 US dollars! :shock: I have a couple of these blades and I find them very good...
  10. ac445ab

    I have my Badger plane

    This plane lacked to my collection, so I built one. The woods are beech (body), wengè (sole and strike button) and ash (wedge and handle). A video and more pics of WIP are here: ... plane.html
  11. ac445ab

    A tapered the wrong direction?

    Hi all, I have seen many plane irons tapered and thicker at the cutting edge, but never the opposite. I acquired a 2" vintage Stormont iron with this feature. It measures 5 mm at the top and 3,5 mm at cutting edge. Makes this sense? Could it be a solution to contrasting the mouth widening...
  12. ac445ab

    Smoothing plane

    Smoothing plane, beech body, bubinga wedge, wengè strike button. The double iron is bedded at 50°. I added an end grained insert to sole for more resistance to wear and in order to keeping a tight mouth. Ciao, Giuliano :D
  13. ac445ab

    Panel Raising Plane

    Ciao, :D I just completed this panel raising plane and I would want to share my satisfaction. I have to admit, this plane required more attention, due to skewed geometries and the need of crossgrained cuts. Inspiration comes to me from a 1934 Italian planemaker catalogue, from this plane in...
  14. ac445ab

    Dovetail Plane

    I just finished restoring this German old dovetail plane. It cuts very well and produces a clean result. The first pic is the plane as came to me from ebay. This has an adjustable depth stop also, a feature not so common for dovetail planes but very useful...
  15. ac445ab

    High Angle Smoother

    Ciao, I would have pleasure to share some pics of a smoother I built in the last days. Woods are ash for the main body and wenge for sole and wedge. I used an old (new) iron by Irsch (2 1/8"). It is bedded at 60° for the purpose of planing harder and figured woods. The plane body stock has...
  16. ac445ab

    Infill Plane

    Ciao :D , I just rehabbed this infill plane. It comes from Dundee and is about 8 inches long. The blade si 2 1/8" large. There are not maker marks on the plane so I thought it was self-built but I am not sure. On the blade says: HEARNSHAW BROS-CAST STEEL...
  17. ac445ab

    Wooden plane with metal parts.

    Ciao, :D I recently restored this wooden plane. It has a metal sole and a strange rear handle. I think it had homemade modifications but I am not sure of this. I would like to know your opinion. Did you see some plane like this? Here it is at work after the tune up. Thanks Giuliano
  18. ac445ab

    What a pain!

    Hi all This is the first time I have this kind of accident. My vintage Stanley 9 1/2 sliced from my hand and fell to the floor. Fortunately the plane body seems to have no damages. The lever of cap is damaged as you can see in the pic. What's the best thing to do? Can I try to solder it...
  19. ac445ab

    Plough plane

    Hi all, :D I am rehabbing this Preston plough plane. I noticed it has a light skew in the seat (few degrees). I thought these planes had only straight seat and iron. In effect an iron set I have (bought separately) shows a light skew of blade and rounded edges. Any advice...
  20. ac445ab

    My handmade bench

    Hi all,:D I just completed my workbench. I made it with hand tools. I hope you like it. :roll: Ciao, Giuliano :D