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    Timber Yards

    I will be travelling back from Leicester to Newcastle tomorrow, any timber yards en-route where I would get some European Ash, preferably air dried ?
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    Horizontal sliding workshop doors

    Has anyone fitted these to their workshops or know a good supplier for the tracks etc ?
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    Sold Record number 3

    Lovely vintage example of a record number 3 smoothing plane. Pm if interested. £28 plus £6 postage NOW SOLD
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    Sold Record T5 Shooting plane

    Lovely vintage example of a record T5 shooting plane. PM if intersted £50 plus £6 postage
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    Withdrawn Vintage Record No 6 Plane

    Vintage Record number 6 , in superb condition and ready to go straight to work. I doubt you would find a better vintage example and much better quality than a new one. Price includes mainland postage. £60 including postage
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    Sold Vintage Record 5 1/2

    Lovely vintage example of this very popular plane, many recommend it as the most useful bench plane to have. First to message gets it. £50 + £6 postage Now sold
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    Where to buy grinder wheels ?

    I've bought a ten inch double pedestal grinder which has the usual grey wheels, what would be best for grinding woodturning chisels etc and where should I look. I should add I have a tormec but it's quite slow so I'm looking to do the main part of the grind before finishing it on the tormec.
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    3 phase plugs

    Does a 3 or 4 pin 3 phase plug fit into a 5 pin socket ?
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    Sold No 4 wood plane

    Now Sold Almost new no 4 wood plane Looking for £5 + £5 postage, or can collect from NE39 PM if interested
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    Sold Axminster Precision Special Edition Try Square 225mm

    Axminster Precision Special Edition Try Square 225mm All Sold These were a special edition from Axminster with a solid brass hardwood inlayed stock and stainless steel blade. I have several of these excellent high quality try squares available Brand new in box asking £20 inc postage, a...
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    Tax on house sales

    Has anyone had experience of selling a home that has a piece of attatched land with planning permission. How is it classed taxwise compared to the property without the planning ?
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    Pipe for pipe clamps ?

    Where would I be able to get the black pipe that is used for pipe clamps. I've tried plumb centre etc but but can't see it listed ?
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    Electrolytic rust removal, how much washing soda ?

    I've got all the components to give this a try, how strong does the solution of washing soda need to be and can someone confirm the negative from the battery charger goes to the tool and the positive to the piece of sacrificial steel bar
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    Vintage Stanley no 5

    No longer available
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    Vintage Record 4 1/2 planes

    I have a small number of vintage record 4 1/2s from an educational establishment for sale. All in great condition with chrome plating intact and almost all of the original paintwork . Looking for £25 each plus £5 postage or can collect from NE39 near Newcastle upon Tyne
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    Festool Kapex 120 best price ?

    Any idea where I could save a bit of money on the price of a new one ?
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    Venting shed walls

    I'm constructing my shed as per Mike G, but I've got 1" finished t&g v jointed boards which I'll be fitting vertically onto 1" horizontal slaters battens, how would I achieve ventilation between them and the breather membrane ? One option would be to use a vertical batten on every board at the...
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    Damp proofing workshop floor

    I'm in the process of building a workshop on an existing slab that used to have stables on it and has no dpm in the slab. Its around 9 x 5m and I've had 3 courses of blocks laid with a dpc and the rest will be timber. Are there any specialised coatings I can coat the floor with that will...
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    Axminster Tools

    Can't rate their customer service highly enough. I've had a couple of deliveries lately and the service has been exemplary. I somehow ordered two of everything on the last order, so phoned them yesterday morning and it was amended straight away with no hassle. Got a text last night to say it...
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    Wadkin RS banjo dimensions

    Could anyone provide the dimensions of the banjo from an 8" Wadkin RS please. I've been managing with a cobbled up one for a while but would like to get something a bit better fabricated