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    Unusual plane.

    Whisky.... I see you are using a cyclone on top of a blue drum. I guess that this is one of those watertight drums we see used for rafting? I used exactly the same configuration.... the drum was a quality(?) version. The idea was great... but.... when the vac tube blocked (e.g. sucked on a...
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    Dick rebate block plan with adjustable mouth

    I take courses with DICKtum, and have for years. I know the DICKs quite well, but can't compare them with the other China sourced planes. But I can compare them with the US & CAN equivalents, and the verdict on clear. The DICK competitors are simply better... In just about every way... Except...
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    Paul Sellers - Trademark?

    I think he is from Tx... or at least that is where he should best be located. He sometimes has interesting stuff.... but his communication skills (moaning?) are a PITA... or as one would say in Irl... a PITH. The 'knifewall' reminds me of the Charlesworth ruler 'trick'. With due respects to...
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    Thoughts on the new Skelton Sash Saw.

    the tongue is more to the front, Jim #-o
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    [Q] How to make a stopped grove with hand tools only

    .....using a router plane. Set workpiece up on bench... place board 'stop' across workpiece... and away you go towards one end... bounce off the 'stop'. Use chisel or router plane blade to 'straighten' up end of groove. Turn workpiece around... reallign the router plane fence... place board...
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    Ebay Treasures

    Hi Jimi, Lovely malletts! What a cool find, and a great restoration! I would describe the handle as 'lacewood'. Now, lacewood is one of those blanket names. It covers sycamore, london plane, and others. I have quite a 'stash' of lacewood (dead ringer for your mallett handle) in the form of...
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    Have a look at this Jacob!

    Yep... well said.... thanks. Now on with the banter? My neighbour Charlene bought a dozen of those all blingy aluminium jigs... she uses them in the swinger club she goes to. She says they are machine washable. I wonder if she knows about the LED lights? Hmmm! -g-
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    Update on Bench Build - so, so close to the end

    ... that is some bench. I relived with you the moment when the top took place on the base.... cool. Can wait to see the champs bottle on the bench. Slainte! -gerard-
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    Bench Hold Downs

    Richard... missing an e-mail address for you / him... ??? -ger-
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    Completion of the Military Chests

    Wow Derek.... that sets a standard! Good wood... and good tools... and excellent craftsmanship. -g-... who is thinking about some Auz wood, maturing in Canada for him.... hmmmm.
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    Craftsman advice needed... how to make a mould (somewhat OT)

    Good stuff.. and thanks... but somehow I feel that my description is still inadequate... mea culpa. BB & DBH... The filler material serves only for me to be able to get to the outline (section by section) of the uke (and components) as they will sit in the final case. After the outline has be...
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    Craftsman advice needed... how to make a mould (somewhat OT)

    Yes Mack... that is an alternative... How hard does that stuff get? Can I cut it safely (bandsaw)? -g-
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    Craftsman advice needed... how to make a mould (somewhat OT)

    Ahh BugBear... my description is probably insufficient. Apologies. Somewhat simplified... Place the uke in a bread baking form. Fill the baking form with bread dough (moulding mass), Bake (cure) the lot. Remove the 'loaf' from the baking form. Remove the uke from the (now) top of the...
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    Craftsman advice needed... how to make a mould (somewhat OT)

    Greetings Woodworkers. Somewhat off topic... but I need to make a mould for the case of the ukulele that finished recently. Please let me explain... I want to make a case for the uke. The uke should embed snugly into a moulded 'slot' in the case; the case will also contain other components...
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    Rob Cosman DVD's and his dovetail saw

    Bugbear... that may be true for some today... but it was not the case 40+ years ago when I first saw this 'trick', and knowing the man in question, I suspect he had hogged the brass shim from some 'junk' he had come across. He certainly did not buy it from the metal dealer. I am somewhat...
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    Rob Cosman DVD's and his dovetail saw

    I can not offer DC (great teacher and producer of great videos) the kudos for this. The 'ruler trick' is not his... he simply popularised it. I recall from my youth, a carpenter who used the same method. He did not use a RULER though! He was a wise man, and had more respect for his tools...
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    Secret plane maker

    ..... but nob 'ed seller. -g-... who is holdin on to da dosh.
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    Odd Thing

    ... them for twisting off pigs testicles?
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    Veritas whatsits?

    Robin... the 24th has long ago begun here... and no announcement. ;-)) -g-
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    how the heck do i regrind this

    Sorry for hijacking the thread TOMBO... but I have """nearly""" the ultimate in dumb moves on offer. Yep... I spent a long time sharpening the (SUBSTANTIAL) blade of my LN Low Angle Jack Plane... boy, was it sharp... and straight... an excellent job. It was a warm Summers afternoon... sitting...