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    Electric branding iron......

    Does anyone know of a uk company that makes an electric branding iron?
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    Epoxy resin.......

    Hi everyone, I make a considerable number of small items of furniture and have been experimenting with some exotic woods lately. However, I occasionally encounter bark inclusions and voids. So, I'm thinking of using black coloured epoxy resin, particularly for the darker woods. This is new to me...
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    End grain chopping board.....

    I thought I'd attempt making an end grain chopping board. I have quite a bit of mahogany and plenty of maple and so liked the idea of a brick pattern. I'm not sure if mahogany is a good wood for chopping boards; any advice welcome. Also, would there be a problem with the mahogany dust bleeding...
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    Router lift compatible with T11

    Hi guys, I recently bought the Axminster AT254TS table saw work station; the right hand side of the cast iron table is machined to accept a router insert plate or lift. I already have a Trend T11 router which I'm happy with, however, does anyone know of a router lift that will accept the T11?
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    iTech brand:

    Can anyone vouch for the quality of their woodwork machinery?
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    I had decided after a bit of research and saving up my pennies to buy a Dewalt 733 thicknesser. I'd seen it for sale in Screwfix, unfortunately, they have sold out. And everywhere else seems to have sold out too. I originally chose the lunchbox style because of space limitations. However, after...
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    Dado blades

    I have a Sips 10" table saw (01332) does anyone know if it is possible to fit dado blades?