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  1. BEE13

    Copper verdigris paint?

    I have a metal (probably mild steel) bench and a metal wind sculpture in the garden Both are finished with paint that gives a copper verdigris type effect although the colours are slightly different. I want to refinish / refurbish them both. Photos attached. Has anyone used this type of paint...
  2. BEE13

    For Sale Axminster Woodturning Chuck 1" x 8tpi Excellent Condition

    Axminster Woodturning Chuck 1" x 8tpi Excellent Condition I'm not sure if this is the SK100 chuck but I have used it with the current Axminster jaws, keys and accessory jaws so it is fully compatible with current accessories. Selling due to lathe upgrade so M33 chucks purchased, otherwise I'd...
  3. BEE13

    Sold Axminster woodturning chuck, 1" x 8 thread

    Axminster woodturning chuck. I think it's the K10 model. 1" x 8 thread size. See below for condition description. Chuck body (with new scroll ring) & key, £40. Accessory jaw carriers (almost new) £35. C jaws, hex screws & hex key, £20 That totals £95 but I'd accept £75 for the package. Postage...
  4. BEE13

    Sold Camvac Wall Mounted 150L 0.5 micron Dust Extractor CGV286-1

    Camvac Wall Mounted Dust Extractor. • 150L capacity. • Filters to 0.5 microns. • Air flow 54 litres / second. • Lots of suction so suitable for a single woodworking machine or a small system. • Includes the flexible standard pipe which has been divided so that the two halves can be used for...
  5. BEE13

    Ebonised finish for William Morris Sussex chair

    I have had a 100 year old William Morris type Sussex chair in my garage loft for 40 years. I picked it up from a junk shop for a couple of pounds. It probably isn't by WM himself but is fairly close so my idea was to restore it to attractive usable condition. It had been outside so the finish...
  6. BEE13

    Stanley 220 Block Plane cam needed

    Hi, I've dropped my Stanley 220 block plane and the cam has broken. Doh! Does anyone know where I can get a replacement or maybe someone has a broken plane and doesn't need the cam? I don't have a 3D printer but I guess the time to create the design would be too much anyway. Happy to pay a...
  7. BEE13

    Poolewood DVSL lathe?!

    I am in the process of buying a DVSL lathe. I know its oldish but it has had very light use (mostly pens) and has the higher capacity and direct drive I want for turning rough bits of tree plus electronic speed control and a price that means that I don't have to add anything to the selling...