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  1. J

    Anybody made any clocks?

    Hi all Anyone made any clocks? I am wondering how the clock faces fit into the holes - I am wanting to make something like the attached photo (if it attaches!). Jimi
  2. J

    It looks so easy on YouTube

    Hi All I've been tearing my hair out trying to figure out how to make a bowl on the scroll saw but it is impossible to even set up the table! I understand that I have to tilt the table, but how is it even possible to saw at a 40 degree angle without the wood sliding off? And how the hell do I...
  3. J

    Jeweller's blades

    Hi all Anyone know where I can get jeweller's blades in the uk? Jimi
  4. J

    Painter's Touch paints

    Hi all I am still on my never-ending quest to find decent paints to paint my scroll saw projects. I have seen loads of people on here and other forums recommend the Rust Oleum Painter's Touch gloss paints but I can't get them to work for me. Do I have a bad batch? The Baby Pink seems to be the...
  5. J

    Selling online

    Hi all Anyone have any experience selling on Folksy? I already sell some things on Etsy but wondered how it compares - traffic, user friendly, support. Jimi
  6. J

    Acrylic paint

    Hi all Can anyone recommend a good make of acrylic paint? I don't know if it is the brand I am using but it is very transparent and no matter how many coats I put on it won't cover the grain. Jimi
  7. J

    Painting wooden puzzles

    Hi all I am working on a project where I need to paint not just the faces of puzzle pieces but the inside and outside edges as well. My problem is that I don't think the pieces will fit back together again. Has anyone else faced this problem? What did you do? Jimi
  8. J

    Advice please

    Hi all I want to attempt to cut my first portrait. I have looked online and am curious how people make the black backboard to glue it to. Is it something that is purchased and is already black? Is it a piece of paper sandwiched between the two? Is it wood that is painted on? Jimi
  9. J

    Looks interesting ... saw-table/
  10. J

    Unbreakable, self-sharpening blades

    If anyone knows where I can buy some of these, please let me know. Happy 1st of April! Jimi
  11. J

    Scroll saw fonts

    Hi all Does anybody know what font this is? (Not sure if the photo has loaded - it has been ages since I have posted a photo and I have forgotten how to do it!)
  12. J

    Woodworks closing down!

    Hi all Just to let you know, Woodworks are closing down and have a sale on all stock. I get my Olson blades from here so don't know where I'll get them from in the future. I have stocked up all I can afford, but suppose I'll have to import them when I...
  13. J

    Birch ply substitute?

    Hi all Can anyone suggest a good substitute for 18 mm birch ply? I have been using the ply to make toys and ornaments, but it does tend to splinter at the edges in fine detail cuts. I want to find a solid wood substitute, but still retain the light colour and relatively plain grain. Jimi
  14. J

    Painting wooden toys

    Hi all Has anyone tried painting wooden toys? I am really struggling trying to get a solid opaque glossy finish! I have tried acrylics but it turns out really transparent - even after a few coats. I have tried Auro green gloss paint, but again it is transparent. How do I get the finish you see...
  15. J

    Internal cuts

    Hi all I want to cut out an insert from a pattern, but I don't want it to show where I have started cutting. Does this make sense? I know I need to drill a small hole to pass the blade through, but won't this still show - won't there be a slightly wider part on the line? Is is best to drill...
  16. J


    Hi all A friend wants a piece painting in chalk paint and I believe that I need to seal the knots with shellac first, to stop the tannins bleeding through. Can anyone recommend a good make? Jimi
  17. J


    My blade just snapped and my bottom clamp has completely disappeared! If anyone finds it please let me know.
  18. J


    Hi all Can anyone recommend a good finish for oak? I don't want to tint it any more than I have to, just bring out the grain and protect the wood. I could just wax it, but I was thinking about making my oil debut. Jimi
  19. J

    Wood splittting

    Hi all I recently got some 21mm redwood and sometimes the wood splits as I am cutting it. The splits are up to 5mm deep. Does anyone else have this problem? Is all redwood generally unstable, or do I have a bad batch? Jimi
  20. J

    Storing wood

    Hi all I am about to purchase some redwood boards 20mm x 200mm in 2 netre lengths and I was wondering where would be the best place to keep them. Are they likely to warp? My options are a centrally-heated attic room that gets damp in winter; a damp cellar; or another centrally-heated room in...