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    Scroll Chuck advice needed

    Hello, I have been getting by with a fairly small record chuck for about a year now, unfortunately the internal gears have worn out. It wasn't in the best condition when I got it but it was only £10 so has served me well. I had planned on upgrading and have some cole jaws that should fit a...
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    Incorporating a bandsaw into a MFT style bench

    I have only a small workshop, so no room for a table saw. In fact, I don't have room for the tools I already have. I have old kitchen cabinets around the space for storing tools but I want a central bench and to have French cleats on the wall to store hand tools. I do have a bandsaw, a lathe...
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    Machine Mart VAT free offer

    If you happen to have signed up for Machine Mart newsletters you should check your inbox for a VAT free offer code, they are also offering a further 10% on some lines. This is valid until the 26th of November. I hope it helps someone.
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    Smoothing edges and sanding faces

    Hello all, I have been making some simple childrens toys for my little one and I find myself spending a great deal of time finishing the shapes off properly. The bandsaw and scrollsaw cuts aren't bad but little fingers are very soft so I'd like to get the wood as equally smooth. I adhere...
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    Record Power RP 3000 Chuck Manual

    Hi, There have been many posts in the past on this forum where people have been looking for a manual for this chuck because it's a bit tricky for someone coming from a scroll chuck to figure out how this works. Unfortunately the links don't work anymore and Record Power don't host old manuals...
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    Loglap Summerhouse as a workshop

    I have recently moved to a mid terrace Malvern, Worcestershire. It's great but the current shed in the garden would have been ideal if not for it being placed on a loose pile of bricks without any maintenance for several years. It's not very stable and I don't think it would be worth trying to...
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    Scheppach PL55 160mm Plunge Saw

    Just saw this was up for sale on Screwfix on Deal of the Day today at £139 from £199. I would be interested in a good plunge saw with a guide rail as I know they are very versatile and safe to use. Does anyone have any experience with this particular saw...
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    Buying advice for a Circular Saw

    Hi, I am looking for a Circular Saw to use for various Diy jobs and for building vivariums for reptiles from Ply or MFC. I do not currently own a Circular Saw, infact I have been using a Jigsaw and having an awful time of it. I have done some research and have a few that I like the look of...
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    Recommendations for Shop Vac

    Hey, I've decided that for both my health and sanity I need to invest in a new shop vacuum cleaner. Can anyone recommend an entry level one from Amazon? Needs to be sold or fulfilled by Amazon as they owe me some credit and will only pay out on products associated with them. Im currently using...
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    Table Saw Smoking

    Hi, I'm very new to woodworking so I apologise if this is a stupid question. I have a Titan Tablesaw and have used it a few months now. Last week I was ripping some pine (around 50mmx50mm) down to 25x50mm pieces and I was...
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    Clarke Bandsaw

    Hello, I've been a lurker for a while and thought now would be a good time to register as I've a woodworking question! I have a Clarke 12" Bandsaw but it has a motor missing, along with everything attaching the motor to the belt for the bottom wheel. From checking the parts list this is...