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    Mac problem

    Its not something simple like using the pull down menu "View" and clicking on "Show toolbar" is it? Bob
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    Having tried many respirators, some of which worked quite well and others were very poor, I eventually paid out for a JSP PowerCap lt. Initially I worried about the weight on my, slightly dodgy neck, and possible vibration from the motor. But my fears were groundless - it seems to filter well...
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    Dust extraction/vacuum advice needed.

    Hi I use a Numatic NQS250B with my Metabo orbital sander. I purchased the Numatic about 15 years ago and can vouch for the fact that it will run for prolonged periods. If run with the bag full it will cut out and re-set itself when cool. I purchased the Numatic because it has a hepa filter/bag...
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    Vacuum gluing question

    I also use a Venturi setup from Bagpress. Recently I have used their "non creep" white glue which sets quite quickly -in the summer/warm workshop you should be able to turn off the compressor after an hour. Initially the constant noise from the compressor got on my nerves but I managed to...
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    Bifold door track and hinges?

    My first bifold doors used Wicks gear but I found the clearances suggested around the doors irritating so much filler strip was required to get a decent look. This meant difficulty in adjustment and when the wood moved the doors scraped the raised cill at the base. After two years the swivel...
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    Build your own simple mobile machine base (with Photos)

    Excellent idea, must nip round to the local steel fabricator to get an idea of his prices. Looking forward to the next instalment! Bob
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    Small workshop tour

    Very impressive! Do you have dedicated storage for materials/off cuts? That what always defeats me. Bob
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    New to the craft - intro & questions on dust

    Wood dust catches up with some people after repeated, low level, exposure. Despite dust extraction and use of dust masks (admittedly not used that assiduously in my younger days) I now find I am sensitive to some wood dusts - oak and black walnut leave me sneezing even with a dust mask. I now...
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    Woodrat Opinions please

    Had mine years. It did nothing for the first year, then I took a one day course and since then I have used it for countless tasks. For me the real advantage is that work is not held in ones fingers, it is nearly always clamped. It is excellent for grooving/rebating panels eg jewellery box...
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    Bandsaw problem - a little help needed please

    Do I take it that all 4 bolts pass through the (unthreaded) housing and a nut inside the housing provides the necessary force to make the shaft move? If so, I have had some success in the past using a screwdriver wedged between shaft and end of bolt to provide enough end pressure to get the nut...
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    Oak balustrading job,WIP. (loads of pic's)

    Thanks for the post. Rather spookily my wife wanted me to do a similar job on our house! Now she is very keen having looked through your posting. May I ask the source of your oak, I presume the parts were standard stair components before you added the fluting? Bob
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    Waxing cedar of lebanon

    I have used Cedar of Lebanon both unfinished and sealed to protect the surface. Sealed, the wood stays clean and takes a decent semi gloss finish but no smell. Unsealed the wood does its aroma job but can take on surface dirt, but not as much as one might think due to its slightly oily nature...
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    Plywood laminated work bench

    The bench in my old house has a pine frame and two layers of blockboard (purchased as seconds) for the top. Built 30 years ago it did have a beech top but movement rendered it untrue. The blockboard has worked well for 20 years. In my new house my bench also has a pine frame and the top is two...
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    Mathias Wandell -

    I have attempted to cut gears in the past with mixed results. The program used here is quite spectacular, especially when it shows the relationship between form and numbers of teeth. Bob
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    Bandsaw woes and Tuffcut blades mini-review

    Thanks for the review Steve. I have emailed Ian for a price for my machine. I purchased a new machine recently, together with a couple of the manufacturers 1/2" blades. On start up what a racket - crashing and banging through the guides, pulsing back and forth and drift which was difficult to...
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    Sanding stop champfer stair balustrades- The quick way

    Many thanks for that, if all goes to plan I may well be doing a small staircasefull of spindles in the near future and this could save me much elbow ache! Bob
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    Bread Makers - practical solution or a marketing exercise?

    We have a Panasonic. We make all our bread in it, mainly wholemeal (rye, a little white rest wholemeal, all organic although I dont know if it makes a difference). Fruit loaf works well. Worn out one paddle, another due soon. Contrary to a previous post we find the bread lasts well - but then we...
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    Oriental styled tea cabinet

    Very nice indeed. Are you able to divulge overall dimensions? Bob
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    To Rat or not to Rat?

    I have owned a 'Rat for some years. Admittedly it stands idle for periods but when I need it, it is invaluable. I often use it for routing small pieces of material where the home-made table holds the wood rather than risk a finger held situation. The "power" feed is great, as is the ability to...
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    Simple garage construction

    Really appreciated the blow by blow sequence - excellent. Bob