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    Thread adaptor

    Hi all I am looking for a thread adaptor for a Union Graduate wood lathe, I want it to fit a Record Power SC4 chuck ie:-- 1 1/2" x 6 tpi female to M33 x 3.5 male. I have found a couple but £ 80 would appear expensive ? Any help would be gratefully received .
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    HELP Union Graduate

    Hi All I have a Union Graduate that I am trying to give a new life but there are pieces that I need to get my endeavour moving , the motor belt adjustment turnbuckle, thread adaptor to attach Record Power chuck, tail stock swan neck. I know it is a lot, it was set up as a sander. Any information...
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    Union Graduate

    Hi all I am trying to find a video and information on replacing the headstock bearing's in a Union Graduate wood lathe. Any advice and information would be gratefully received. Doug
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    Jointer ??

    Hi all I am trying to find the make of a jointer I know it is old but so am I . Please check the pictures. Any help would be gratefully received .
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    RP 300

    Hi all first post. I have a RP 300 /3000 chuck not sure what one, Every time I tighten it the chuck lock's up and the pinion gears are crooked . Is there some thing I can do or is it a case of send it back. Thank you in advance for any advice. Doug.
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    Food safe wood finishes ?

    Hi all first timer here. I am trying to find a food safe wood finish for a fruit bowl ?? remembering that some fruit like oranges release acid's when to ripe, so the finish has to be tough. Thank you for any help. Doug.
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    remote control for dust extraction

    Hi all I have a Axminster 2 HP dust extractor that I have made a 2 stage by adding a super dust deputy. I am trying to find a reliable remote control for this, something that can handle the start up draw with out going bang. Any help would be gratefully received. Doug.