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    For Sale Fully refurbished Wadkin DM Mortiser, little use since + Sicar 800 SF Spindle Moulder with feed. East Devon

    I bought this at the start of 2020, hoping to have a good year but Covid and other thing put a stop to that. Decided to give my business up after 11 years of trading due to wanting a change in career and health problems. The machine was refurbished by a company up north and runs like a dream. 3...
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    I haven't been very active on the forum for sometime due to health reasons. I've been running a small one man band joinery business for the last 11 years but have decided to change career direction. I have some 3 phase machines for sale. Wadkin DM Mortiser, Startrite 310sdx, Wadkin PK dimension...
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    Windows with Duplex Bars

    Hi, I've got some casement windows to make up. I don't do a lot of windows so I'm after a bit of advice. The casements will have a 24mm DG unit in with duplex bars to create the effect of individual panes of glass. What is a standard ovolo size to put on the casements and on the plant on...
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    Winder Staircase ... 9.png?dl=0 Hi, I'll be honest I don't have much experience when it comes to staircases, especially winder. I see that you generally fit the winder box and then fit the main stair to that after it is secured. With the winder stair in the picture...
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    Redwood floorboards over chipboard floor?

    Ok so I am researching this at the moment. We have a chipboard floor in our lounge and my wife has decided she wants painted redwood floorboards to get a more traditional look. I don't really want to be lifting the chipboard up, and I've read elsewhere screwing and nailing into chipboard wont...
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    Domed circular font cover (Best way to go about it)

    I've just been down to the local church to look at a job. They want a circular font cover made from oak, the problem is they want it in a dome shape standing about 9" tall so that people don't use it as a shelf to stand things on. The diameter of the font is around 800mm. Has anyone made...
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    Trickle Vents

    May seem obvious to some but are trickle vents meant for window frames and door frames or just window frames? When I google it, it seems to point at windows and not doors. :?: :?: :?: :?:
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    Powered Respirator?

    Ok this has been happening a while now. I keep getting headaches after wearing dust masks. I first of all had the 3m half mask respirator and started getting headaches, someone I know managed to get me a JSP force 8 half mask P3 so I thought I'd give that ago but still got the headaches!!! I...
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    Sliding sash windows

    Just wondering how much smaller people make the width of their sash's to allow free movement when in operation (weighted not balances)? So gap size from front of pully stile to edge of sash stile. Thanks in advance
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    Sourcing brass tubes?

    Tried searching online but can't find anything similar to what I'm looking for apart from in the US :lol: Anyone know where I could try and get my hands on something similar to these, between 40 - 50mm diameter? Cheers
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    How to get this finish

    Can anyone suggest the best way to achieve this pale finish in the attached picture please. Thanks
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    Filler suggestions

    Can anyone suggest a colour match that goes well with sapele? Brummer etc?
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    Small air compressor

    Could anyone advise on a small air compressor. I'm only looking for one that is portable to power a nail gun and maybe inflate the van tyres :lol:. 6l? Maybe slightly larger and not one that breaks the bank.
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    Flush casement window frame section sizes.

    Hi, When it comes to flush casement window frame section sizes. Casements will be 58mm to accommodate 24mm units. What is the norm for a section size of frame members taking into consideration a ovolo moulding on the frame and the 58mm+(1mm) rebate for casements? Thanks in advance
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    Too large for a door

    I have been asked to price up a 4 centered arched door frame and door. Now the width of the door will be a large 1156mm x 2080mm ish. My question is - Is this too large for a door? More concerned about the width than the height. The construction of the door will be: 1/3rd glazed. Top part...
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    Spray finishing

    I am looking at partitioning off a 40ft container we have arriving tomorrow and using part of it for spraying. At the moment I only have a cheap spray gun that came from machinemart but i suppose this will get me going to start with. Can anyone suggest a better gun to purchase further down the...
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    Bookcase Rail

    Hopefully someone can help me. I have been asked to quote for a bookcase style that is pictured in the images below. What I am after is the the satin chrome rail the ladder is hooked over that runs along the width of the bookcase. I have already been turned down by my ironmongery supplier who...
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    Thor Hammers

    I was looking at getting a Thor hammer/mallet to use as an alternative to the classic mallet. Looking at there website there seems to be lots of choice so it has become a needle in a haystack scenario. Can any guide be to which would be the best one to purchase? Don't want to be screwing those...
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    Box Frames and Sashes Book???

    Hi I'm looking for a reference book on making box frames and sashes. Could anyone recommend a decent book please. Regards Nick
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    Shoulder Plane

    Hi Can anyone recommend a decent shoulder plane? Probably looking to spend £50 - £100 at a stretch. Thanks