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    Victorian/Edwardian exterior door frames and doors...

    ....Wouldn't you just love to carefully remove and disassemble them in order route a decent draft excluder profile in the rebate. I hate these afterthought add-ons that nearly always fail.
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    Pitched Roof Definition

    I've searched for this colleagues but cannot find a result as such, but for the purposes of shed/workshop building and planning height, my planning guide refers to a pitch roof (4m max) and flat roof (3m max). I'm not worried about size and distance from house/highway so have no planning issues...
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    Architectural Historian Required!

    Georgian sash windows: In terms of wood type, what were they made from? Any ideas? I've been told oak, but I still would have though pine. What forests covered the British Isles during this period?
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    Paint waste

    Well I've been spraying various mdf furniture components I've made in my makeshift paint booth and get left with a load of water soluble and solvent based waste after every cleanup. At the bottom of my garden I have a sump where lots of this is dumped but am a little dissatisfied with this...
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    Insulation between suspended floors

    Anyone done this? Having treated some joists before replacing floorboards of a first floor bedroom (In US this is the second floor) am looking to provide some acoustic and thermal insulation without causing a ventilation problem to the joists. How have members approached this? Suggestions...
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    The Wood Whisperer's clamps

    I am slightly jealous :lol: How many does he need?!!!
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    Why oh why... some homeowners/builders/contractors leave their cigarette ends under the floorboards? Just started sorting out another room and found countless resting under various planks. I don't have anything against smokers and their addictive habit, but why do that? Is it a right of passage for...
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    Kneeling/Posture Office Chair

    Any one ever made one of these chairs of have better plans? Ever used one? What do you think? PDF download
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    Masks and Specs....

    Agrrrrrrrrrr And all the retailers 'discriminate' :wink: against us specky gits. How much should it cost to look after your lungs and eyes? Airace here we come :roll:
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    Triton on Ebay

    If genuine, this might be a bargain for someone: Triton router, table, stand, router bits plus extras (click here)
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    Positive Triton Tools Experience

    Well given the publicity over the weekend, and having a load of Triton stuff from other sources, I thought I'd go straight to the horse's mouth and try out, ordering some accessories for my 2000 Workstation in the process as well as some cheap backup power tools. Here are my...
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    Shutters revisited

    I want to make some interior solid panel shutters using mdf for the panel and painting the lot to suit the room. What would be a suitably inexpensive but stable solution for the frame - say 3/4x1? It seems to me that the stuff Wickes and Co throw out wood warp in seconds. Maybe I could use...
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    Building Regs Approval

    It's all very bemusing really. Do a job, don't get caught doing it for twelve months after completion and councils leave you alone to suffer the consequences of trying to sell your home without relevant approvals instead relying on the solicitors to inform buyers that caveat emptor might apply...
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    Workshop tents....

    ....or frames for tarpaulins Anyone know of any or can link to a thread in here? This weather is just getting me down and I like to do all my MDF cutting outside
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    For anyone living near flood plains or akin

    Good luck for the next, and hopefully last, precipitous onslaught! :(
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    Rejuvenating and reclaiming old floorboards

    Okay, on the floor of my front bedroom I have some lovely original Victorian 7"-ish floorboards. 1) I don't want to hire out a floor sander to clean them up and remove old paint etc, I'd rather do things properly, pull them all up, de-nail, make good and put them through some sort of planer...
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    Router/Power tool Guide Clamps

    If people are unsure what I'm referring to see the Trend version below: I need to get one of theses as a home made version slips a little, but what's everyone else using for remote jobs away from a router table?
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    Router Table Plans

    Anyone used these plans before? At Seem quite comprehensive and free to download Another one here to download Whilst this one looks familiar
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    Norm Fans - "Old Crankee Workshop" :D :D :D :D
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    Slightly off topic - Concrete Mixers

    I know this is mainly a woodworking site but I reckon some of you are expert enough to have wideranging views and experiences of general DIY/Building work. Does anyone know of a decent brand to buy? I could go to Wickes and get a mixer off the shelf for £200 but it is any good? I don't want to...