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    Leather desk top

    I'm planning a replica writing box, something not unlike the one in the pic below, to store the collection of pens I've garnered over more than fifty years (fountain, mapping, calligraphic and drawing types). Can anyone advise me on the best method of attaching the leather to the surface? Do I...
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    I read that the nail salons and tattoo parlours are reopening in the UK. I hope our forum members will be taking advantage of this and eagerly await some pics of the results. :lol: Pete
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    UK as an "Emerging Economy"?

    A not very appetizing extract from Bank of America economic strategists. London (CNN Business) "Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic are reshaping the UK economy. Could it end up looking more like Turkey, Mexico and Argentina than France, Germany and the United States? Some analysts on Wall...
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    Women. Who needs 'em...

    Found this among SWMBO's shopping yesterday. Throwaway women? Sounds like a market winner... :) Pete
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    Plane greedy

    In a previous post I said I was looking to add a No 5 or 5-1/2 to my plane collection. Last week I bid for and won two No 5 planes on an on-line auction. The idea was that, if there was any major defect with one, I could cannibalize it for the other. Here are the two planes as they arrived...
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    Trend Diamond Cross Sharpening Plates

    I recently (6 months ago) bought a 300/1000 Trend DC plate and have been using it quite happily and successfully. I have noted, however, that the side marked 1000 removes appreciably more steel faster than the side marked 300. Both sides have had reasonably even use. Could it be that the sides...
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    Mushy Peas

    I went shopping at the local supermarket yesterday for the first time since lock down. Wandering through the 'International' section, I spotted a tin of Bachelors Mushy Peas (the UK's contribution to international cuisine :) ) and thought they'd go well with some fish and chips. On getting home...
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    Give us a break!

    As if Covid19 wasn't enough we've just been hit by a 5.9 mag. earthquake a few minutes before 8.00 am this morning. It gave the house a good shake and rattled the china (and also SWMBO who hates them). If Him upstairs reads this - and I'm sure he's a regular to the Forum - I'd just like to say...
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    Advice on coating brass

    I've got a bunch of mostly brass Zippo lighters collected over the years and thought a good lock-down project would be to build a display case for them. First though I decided to clean them and now I want to apply a coating that will slow down the oxidation process so that they only need...
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    Haute Couture

    I was in the shed a couple of days ago when SWMBO called out that she "Wanted my body for a minute." The neighbour's lawnmower fell silent and there was an air of hushed expectation as I trudged slowly into the house but it turned out she only wanted to run a tape measure over me. She refused to...
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    Which plane?

    At the risk of kicking-off a thread that generates more controversy than one on Trump :roll: I need some advice / guidance on a plane type / size to supplement what I already have. First, most of what I do that involves the use of planes is box making. After re-sawing, I prepare the stock by...
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    W.I.P. Plane Till

    This is more of an experiment to see if I can upload photos. It's a typical 'lock-down' project. One of those things I should have done ages ago but other things got in the way. Scratching around for something to use a batch of magnolia I've had for about 5 years (should be nice and stable now)...
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    G'day from NZ

    Hi to all from a new member located in NZ. I hope this is the correct area to post an introduction. I'm a recently retired engineer and have been a hobby woodworker for about 20 years but now (particularly with the current lock-down) I can spend all my spare time in the shed. Originally from...