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    Things that bug you!!

    People who take your tools on site without asking, Once came back to the room I was working in to find a labourer using my square as a hammer :mad:
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    Which driver bits?

    Another vote for wera
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    dewalt 1st fix nail gun review

    I have had the DeWalt mk3 for about 2 years now after my paslode died. Its been fine, My only complaint is the hook, it won't hang from your toolbelt.
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    Any tips on planing wenge?

    Hi Jacob I keep meaning to pick up a Stanley 80. One of the few tools I have have not yet tried. To be fair David C did recommend getting one as well. I was doing the back bevel plane thing for accurate dimensioning of small parts so it worked well. Regards Edd P.s if off looking for...
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    Any tips on planing wenge?

    As mentioned in the posts above 25 degrees is way to low to hone an A2 blade. I do mine around 35degrees ish or a little less. Raising the honing angle makes a big difference. Adding a back bevel to the blade means no tearing with a thin shaving. I could be wrong but I seem to recall David C...
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    Cedar of Lebanon Backs

    You would have more luck with dimensional stability I think by planing the 25mm boards down to a 16 or 13mm board and accepting the large amount of waste if you need to go the solid wood route. Cheers edd
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    Cedar of Lebanon Backs

    Hi You will really struggle re-sawing 25 mm sawn to get anything useable in your target finished thickness especially flat sawn timber.
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    silicone removal

    I should have added that the silicone removal products rely on you using a sharp blade to remove most of the waste material first before application, the silicone remover then makes the thin leftover layer of silicone easier to get off with a nylon brush. eg. old toothbrush or plastic scraper
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    silicone removal

    Hi I have had some success with Hg silicone remover. I think the company name is Hagesan. Other trades have recommended a product with a trade name similar to silligone but I have never tried that one. best Edd
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    OK so exactly what is the difference between a Festool TS55F and earlier models?

    I have the hkc55 with has a thinner kerf blade, but that blade will deflect where a 2.2mm blade does not in certain types of cut. I would rather have paid more to get a more powerful motor, instead of festool getting over their slightly under power problem by giving us a thin kerf blade. The...
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    Workshop boots

    I really like v12 boots, I struggle with boots like timberlands that have a narrow steel toecap. My v12's get 7 days a week use all day, cant fault them really. Cheers Ed
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    Stuff for my BA submission in August. AKA Welcome to The Dark Side.

    Keep on prattling(y) I am enjoying it as I am sure many others are here
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    paint peeling from windows

    I would remove the loose material with a hand scraper, sand back to bare and prime with aluminium primer, followed by two coats of oil based undercoat and an oil gloss topcoat. Alu primer sticks like....something that sticks pretty well. The prep involved will be a pain, it depends what...
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    Carpenters engineers tool box

    Cant go wrong with a through dovetail on workshop 'stuff'. Slightly quicker than a half lap. I have not seen how the Japanese wedge their drawers? Off to Google it now...
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    What is the use of 3 head Tenoner

    They have a lovely old wadkin at the shop I sometimes hire some space in. That has 5 heads the last of which is a cut off saw I didn't think count that. Its nearly as big as my van:) and is an awesome lump of cast iron.
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    What is the use of 3 head Tenoner

    The benefits are simply speed of production. To be able in one pass to tenon and scribe both shoulders of a rail at repeatable settings. However you do need a corresponding set of molding knives for the spindle molder to match the scribing cutter's on the tenoner to get the best result. Hope...
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    What is the use of 3 head Tenoner

    A matched set of knives for the spindle and the scribe cutter for the 3 rd and or 4th blocks on the tennoner is the the way all three of the joinery shops I worked in operated. If you are only producing a small number of items maybe not. Edited in an attempt to make sense.
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    What is the use of 3 head Tenoner

    Are you referring to the number of cutting blocks the machine has? All of the machines I have used had at least 3, the First two cut the cheeks of the tenon, the 3rd and 4th block cut the scribe. If you only have a tenoner that has two cutter blocks I presume you can only cut square shoulders...
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    Need Help on Bevel Cuts for Wardrobe Carcass....

    I did buy a 24 inch adjustable square for this job, it proved to be very useful. Cheers Edd
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    Need Help on Bevel Cuts for Wardrobe Carcass....

    +1for cutting the angle at the maximum your saw will cut and hand plane to the angle required. I have just made 6 triangular wardrobe carcase's and did exactly that. Ours were stepped in size to to fit under a 38 degree pitch roof the fun part was making a jig so I could get domino's to work at...