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    Has anyone ever asked for/received a discount when making a larger order from WorkshopHeaven?

    I plan to get some better chisels a new plane and a few other bits in an order that will end up being between £500 - £600 and was wondering if anyone has ever asked if they will do a deal on this kind of order and whether it was worth asking?
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    Where to get a Conveyor Belt - 440mm x 970mm - for a jet drum sander?

    After years of good work my original conveyor broke in August which lead me to buy a replacement from bnd abrasives which wasn't a great experience and it just wasn't good quality and has failed. I have tried googling but keep coming up short so if any one has any suggestions I would be very...
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    End grain cutting board with two face grain edges?

    Someone has asked me to add to face grain strips to a unused end grain cutting board they have to make it wider. I have haven't worked on an end grain cutting board before and was unsure whether wood movement would be an issue?
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    Grinder advice needed.

    Hello all, I have decided it's time to get a grinder as I am tired of the painfully slow method of hand sharpening a new primary bevel on my chisels and planes. I have been looking around and can't decide what to go for and was wondering if people have some suggestions? I am looking for...
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    Dust extractor for powertools?

    Hello all, I had a second hand Record Power RSDE1 for the past 6 or so years which was hooked up to a cyclone worked well but stopped working on Friday. I am now looking looking for a replacement so I thought I would ask for peoples recommendations. I still intend to use it with the cyclone and...
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    Has anyone bought from trade-hinges UK before?

    I don't know if this is the correct place to ask this but has anyone bought from before? I can't really find any reviews about them other than 7 on trust pilot that don't seem to add up. I wanted to see if they were legit before placing an order. I usually buy from Ironmongery...
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    Metric cove router bits?

    Does anyone know where to get metric cove router bits that don't cost an insane amount? I'm looking for 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm. I didn't realise it would be this hard to find.
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    300mm disc sander advice needed.

    I am looking to get a disc sander to clean up the edges of frames, boxes and circular objects. My budget is around £200, although I am happy to wait and save if there is a noticeable jump in quality. I had a look on Axminster at the Axminster Craft AC300DS and was wondering if anyone had any...
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    A little help on costing this project?

    This is probably the biggest thing I've done and would be made out of 30mm finish Yellow Pine, I was asking for £1850 which I thought was reasonable. This included materials, making it, delivering it and assembling it. I was told that the price was totally unreasonable and wanted to see if I was...
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    Is Cherry with gum pockets safe for a cutting board?

    I was planning on making a cutting board with some off cuts but when I machined the cherry I could see it had gum pockets in it. I was wondering if this was still safe to use?
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    People of Lincoln, where do you buy your hardwood?

    Firstly apologises if this is the wrong place, I couldn't see where else to put this. I checked the list in the pinned topic but it only had one website. I have been struggling for a long time, almost 3 years, to find a decent source of hardwood. I've either gone to Jewsons at the top of town...