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    Anyone used this hinge jig

    I've used the 76mm version recently. Well made, accurate and can be used on any thickness of door. If the architrave and doorstops are already fitted you'll still need to recess the hinges in the lining by hand.
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    Workbench design questions

    You may want to consider making the mortise when you glue up the top laminations. Use three sections of timber spaced to the size of mortise you need instead of one. Same goes for the legs. You can create a bare faced tenon with a single shoulder by staggering the two pieces of timber you’re...
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    Novice update and looking for sanding advice

    I'd recommend getting a couple of half round rasps, coarse and medium, and also some rasp needle/riffler files for the more intricate curves. Using these will allow you to get rid of any saw marks and refine the shape before moving on to sanding. Vallorbe are a good brand to get or if you really...
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    Internal door recomendations please

    I’ve just fitted three internal panelled oak doors from LPD for a client and was very impressed with the quality.
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    Burns marks from router

    A few shallow passes, keeping the router moving along the work at a reasonable speed should ensure success. If you’ve got any offcuts to practice on that should help you get a feel for how fast to move the machine if you’re using a handheld router or how quick to move the work if the router is...
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    Sliding Door Gear

    Has anyone got a recommendation / prefered brand of sliding door gear? The project is for a walk-in wardrobe utilising a soffit fixed double hung track system.
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    Festool TKS 80

    Think I'm right in saying that the 'Sawstop' function can be switched off to enable wet timber to be cut without triggering the cartridge, although this does seem to defeat the object of having it in the first place!
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    Fitted bedroom furniture

    Nice work (y)
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    Circular saw blade advice.

    Key Blades & Fixings do an excellent range of replacement blades. Key Blades & Fixings
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    Tuff Saw blades

    I'd have no hesitation in recommending Tuffsaw blades, great performance and great value.
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    Vice Trouble!

    Thanks for all the replies, appreciate the advice. Unfortunately sending it back is not an option as I've had it awhile and it 'was' working fine. :wink: I'll try the peening / Loctite suggestions and see how it goes.......
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    Vice Trouble!

    Hello there, I'm after some pearls of wisdom about how to solve a problem I've got with my Record/Irwin plain screw vice. As the vice is opened either one, or sometimes both, of the unthreaded bars remain stationary and pull out of the front jaw. Many thanks