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    New look Furniture & Cabinetmaking Magazine.

    Having just come across the new look F&CM, I came here to look for exactly this thread and I wasn’t disappointed. I used to read F&CM for years, but became extremely bored with it. Same old, same old, and never any furniture in it that appealed to me or would get in my house. Personally I...
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    Rebate depth for interior 35mm doors

    New doors going on, the ones that are on are bent and twisted, and hung by a blind man. Distance between the old frames and the new plasterboard is too large to allow me to rebate the architrave unless I use some seriously chunky trim
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    Rebate depth for interior 35mm doors

    I've had my hall dry lined and now I have to make good the trim. Obviously the drywall is about 10mm further out from the existing door frame, so I've decided to plant boards on the jambs and heads, which I'll scribe to the new wall level. This is fine as I like the look of rebated door frames...
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    Festool sanding advice

    Rotex 150 is excellent for most general sanding jobs, particularly the jobs you've listed. I use mine all the time. For fine work people like the ETSs, there are two versions with different sanding radii. Personally I wouldn't buy a Mirka for paint stripping, I'd consider it more of a fine...
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    Which tools from the USA?

    Woodcraft stores are all over the US and usually have a pretty impressive range of specialist woodworking tools. Lee Valley if you are in Canada, Highland Woodworking if you are in Atlanta, Tools For Working Wood if you are in Brooklyn/New York. Home Depot is always worth a look, they are...
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    Luna P/T with 16 amp commando socket

    My only advice to you is don't do either of your first two suggestions unless you actually want to burn your house down... The first rule is that any fuse in an electrical system is there to protect the wire that follows it, so that excess current is not passed over a wire that can't cope with...
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    They won't, and neither will a modern Startrite. Alt Saws in Gillingham bought up all the old parts and will sell you one.
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    Axminster Trade Series AT1416VS or Jet JWL-1221VS Woodturnin

    I had a look at both of these yesterday, as I'm mulling the same choice. My tuppence worth is that the Axi looked and felt cheaply made, a bit crude even. I reckon all the budget goes on the motor, very little on the castings and machining. Jet looks much better made, and innovative. The width...
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    hammer/planer thicknesser

    Have an A3/26 with the spiral block and love it, I had one of the first in the country. I made a short demo video for the gentlemen on "the other side", as it's known around here, but I'm happy to share the link: Super quiet, I can happily use it...
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    Hammer A3-31 vs Minimax FS30 vs Robland NXSD 310

    Hi PCG I've a spiral cutter block on an A3-26, and it's a fantastic bit of kit. Really quiet, easy to extract. In fact I did a short video for the guys at UKWoodwork which is on YouTube: I chose it over the Minimax, although it had good points as...
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    UJK Alluminium Router Table Insert Plate

    Peter Really glad see to you are taking over the brands that Woodworkers Workshop used to import. Although Roger had a great range he could be a little eccentric to deal with. Are you planning to bring in a wider range of Woodpeckers kit, such as say the 12" Precision square..? Order waiting...
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    Justifying Boy Toys

    Proper walk-around shop about 15 minutes away from you in Didcot, just underneath the cooling towers. Crammed with stuff and Peter is really helpful and a nice chap. Was in there yesterday.
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    Anyone have a Coronet Elf bowl turning accessory for sale..?

    Long shot I know, but I've just been given an old Coronet Elf that I've treated to a bit of rust removal and some new centres, and its working sweetly. I've spoke to Derek Pyatt and he has the angle that bolts to the lathe leg but not the right angle or the banjo that holds the tool rest. Ebay...
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    Roubo-workbench in Southern Yellow pine with leg vice

    James over at Deep In Wood at Besselsleigh has a wide belt sander, and has been willing to put bench tops through it for me in the past.
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    what to finish outside oak door with

    With all the love for Osmo UV+, I'll just add a proviso from my own experience as we have it on all our doors and windows (european oak). You won't get any durability on horizontal surfaces such as sills. Hidden away on Osmo's website is the statement that it must be used on surfaces at 15...
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    wadkin grinder

    Sweet job. Liking the bling.
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    Planer/thicknesser changeover

    Hi Nick The Hammer P/Ts are really quick, but they still require winding up and down. Much faster than the Scheppach I had before.
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    'Moxon' add-on vices

    Here you go. Importing the hardware was no problem, just had to give the Revenue an excessive cut... Suffice to say it will be used on a normal bench rather than on the MFT, although it works okay on it, it's just not stable enough.
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    'Moxon' add-on vices

    I just finished making mine today using the Benchcrafted hardware and some hard maple, I'll put up pics if anyone is interested.
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    Startrite or Hammer bandsaw

    It's just because its the start of the year and their sales targets are just abstract fancies at the moment. Give them a month or two and the discounts will be flying again...