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    Anyone need a new tool cabinet

    Removed for demonstration purposes :p
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    For Sale Fully refurbished Wadkin DM Mortiser, little use since + Sicar 800 SF Spindle Moulder with feed. East Devon

    Bump - These machines need to be sold, I need to get out of my workshop within the next month. If not sold they are going to have to go into storage. :censored:
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    For Sale Fully refurbished Wadkin DM Mortiser, little use since + Sicar 800 SF Spindle Moulder with feed. East Devon

    You can definately feel the difference when using this beauty. I'd keep it, if I had the space at home.:)
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    Wanted Stanley 90 Bullnose plane

    How much are you looking for on the second plane?
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    For Sale Fully refurbished Wadkin DM Mortiser, little use since + Sicar 800 SF Spindle Moulder with feed. East Devon

    I bought this at the start of 2020, hoping to have a good year but Covid and other thing put a stop to that. Decided to give my business up after 11 years of trading due to wanting a change in career and health problems. The machine was refurbished by a company up north and runs like a dream. 3...
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    I haven't been very active on the forum for sometime due to health reasons. I've been running a small one man band joinery business for the last 11 years but have decided to change career direction. I have some 3 phase machines for sale. Wadkin DM Mortiser, Startrite 310sdx, Wadkin PK dimension...
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    Driveway Gates

    You should be cutting down in small steps and moving the wheel towards centre of mortiise. You'll get the hang of it after you done a few hundred :)
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    V groove board. Moody Yacht

    Are you sure it's 7mm thick? It's usually a tgv moulding which would be thicker to accommodate the tongue and groove + v mouding.
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    Small Workshop Clearout Pt.1 (Surrey)

    Where in Surrey are you?
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    Windows with Duplex Bars

    Great stuff, thanks guys.
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    Windows with Duplex Bars

    Hi Robin, As above, I'm going to use 22mm bars with a 6mm radius ovolo. On the frames I was going to use a 10mm radius as I think 6 will be too small on a frame or would R6 be OK? I've used rediseals tape before, are there any other cheaper alternatives or is their price as good as it gets?
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    Windows with Duplex Bars

    Thanks. Probably go with a 22mm bar with 6mm radius, 2mm pip either side with at 6mm flat centre. I was going to use a r10 on the frames or do you use the same 6mm radius mould on frames?
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    Windows with Duplex Bars

    Hi, I've got some casement windows to make up. I don't do a lot of windows so I'm after a bit of advice. The casements will have a 24mm DG unit in with duplex bars to create the effect of individual panes of glass. What is a standard ovolo size to put on the casements and on the plant on...
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    WADKIN 600MM Wide planer thicknesser SOLD

    What's the foot print of the machine?
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    Dust extractor.

    Take the top bag off and look down from above to see what you can see, may jump out looking at it from a different perspective.
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    Replacing collection bag on a HVLP dust extractor

    Bungee cord to hold in place whilst fastening strap.
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    Winder Staircase

    Ok I should have explained. New stairwell opening will be cut into the joists to accommodate new stairs. Lefthand wall is already existing but the second wall is yet to be built (Studwork), so will work in my favour if not there. P.s I just did a screen grab of the stairs from a website I found...
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    Winder Staircase ... 9.png?dl=0 Hi, I'll be honest I don't have much experience when it comes to staircases, especially winder. I see that you generally fit the winder box and then fit the main stair to that after it is secured. With the winder stair in the picture...
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    Record DX5000 Dust Extractor Problems

    Sucking the bag up is the norm. The bar at the bottom stops it from riding all the way up. I've seen people suggest double bagging because the suction can burst the bags. I bought some heavy duty extraction bags from polybags and get way with just the one bag though. Not sure why there is little...