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    Wenge Pencil Box

    Nice ... well done.
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    Proud father!

    Nice one! We have number 3 due in March. I'm tired just thinking about it :shock: Cheers Lee.
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    Toolbox Ideas?

    Erm yes - sorry that's the one. :oops: Still a good book though :? Lee.
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    Toolbox Ideas?

    Calum, I have a bit of a 'thing' for tool boxes. I have made several over the past year or so. I am on Mark 3 for my electrical tools. This is my 'woodwork' tote. This was MK1 Electrical Box. This was Mk2 And I made another last week and haven't taken a picture yet. I'll do one...
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    New Clamp Rack

    I made this one in about 10 minutes. I need another one now as I just keep on accumulating more clamps :D Lee.
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    DIY sandblasting

    :D :D Sorry, I didn't realise they were already in situ! :oops: :oops: :sign3:
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    DIY sandblasting

    Hey Roger, If its not too late, I have a 90CFM compressor and Sand blasting kit. I can do the beams for you for the cost of sand. You will need to get the beams up to me though. Cheers Lee.
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    New Fox F36 530 Table saw

    Hi Rod, I have not had any problems with the saw at all. Do you mean the bearings were coming off the rails? I've only used it a little since it arrived on just one project. But everything has stayed very square and running smoothly. I might treat it to a High quality blade at some point, but...
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    New Fox F36 530 Table saw

    The main part of the saw as delivered you could get through a standard doorway no problem. It's the weight that is the bigger problem. You will need 2 strong people to lift it. I will post again when I've had a proper play with it. Tiler - I am running it off it's own socket which is 16A...
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    Workshop Storage / Outfeed Table

    Nice one Jonathan, Why don't you mount the router into that unit and save some space? Lee. PS, the Avatar police will be along shortly to give you a fixed penalty notice :wink:
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    Adirondack Style Chair and a Bench

    Hi all, A few weeks ago I completed these. I don't normaly get wood from B&Q but this time it was too good to let it go. I was in there buying some paint for the Bathroom. As I walked in the trade entrance there was one of them huge trolleys that you can put a full 8x4 sheet on. It...
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    New Fox F36 530 Table saw

    Hi all, Following all the trouble I’ve had with flooding in the workshop lately, It was nice to be able to do something other than clean up mud yesterday. Last week the new table saw arrived from Rutlands. I had to have it delivered to home as the workshop was underwater by then. However, the...
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    PLEASE! Make it Stop

    Hi all, as promissed. I took some pictures this morning. The workshop is drying out quite nicely. There is still a lot of mud about, but this is fairly normal for the farm anyway. The inside of the workshop is now like this I painted a white line on the door where the water level was...
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    PLEASE! Make it Stop

    Hi all, The workshop is getting back to something like normal. I spent all day there yesterday with my Dad cleaning up the mud, hopefully the floor can dry out quickly now. I've now got a 6" Diesel pump emptying the drains directly into the Manchester Ship canal so we should be safe even if it...
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    PLEASE! Make it Stop

    Must be, the water level has gone down! It didn't rain last night at all, although its just started again now. The water level is now well below the workshop floor level, but not entirely gone. What a mess and smell though :shock: I'll get some more pictures later. Thanks for all the...
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    :D Oh, dear..... Must work for our local authority. Lee.
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    PLEASE! Make it Stop

    If you have been singing in the bath - please stop now! I have been again to the workshop after work to find it's now flooded. Even whilst I was there the water level is going up and you can see it. We have now got a pump running, but it's is coming down as fast as it's getting...
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    Fox 36-530 and flooded workshop

    Afternoon all, I placed the order for my new TS last Thursday. It arrived today :D But so did the flood water :cry: It was on Offer again at Rutlands and thanks to a flyer email and a heads up from another Lister I managed to bag one this time. I had to have it delivered to home though as...
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    Extreme Birdhouse # 29

    Ha, superb again John :D I do think you need help though, you are clearly bonkers! (In a good way) Lee. :occasion5: