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    SOLD: Axminster woodturning lathe

    Axminster Hobby ASVWL1000 (AC370WL) 750W 1ph 230V induction motor Cast iron bed, headstock, tailstock and tool rest holder Variomatic speed control 500-2,000rpm, 10 steps Swivelling headstock indexed at 45° and 90° Swing 370mm (14") Distance between centres 1,100mm (43") Headstock can slide...
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    Amazon Firestick with older TV

    I want to get an Amazon Firestick. My TV is an older Samsung from 2011. The model is D Series e.g. UE40D6500. Will it work with a Firestick? There is no info on Samsung website. It does 1080P but doesn't work well with an Apple TV except for trailers - not protected. From what I read HDCP was...
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    SOLD: Axminster HSS Woodturning Tools & RP 8" Bench Grinder

    *** Items now all sold *** I have an Axminster HSS Woodturning Tools Set and also a Bench Grinder with Andrew Hall woodturning jigs for sharpening Chisels are £40 for the set. The grinder/jigs are £55 (complete). PM me for additional info. Buyer collects (Hampshire). Kind regards Simon...
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    HOWTO use big screws into end-grain?

    With big screws do you need a pilot hole all the way? It's into "end-grain" but with a dowel to screw into... I have a frame that's underneath the top of a "bought" workbench. The frame has a top rail on each side with feet and a lower rail on the floor. They come with each foot attached with...
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    Which is best way to strengthen plywood?

    I searched for a HOWTO for strengthening plywood e.g. adding an edge brace, without success on UKWorkshop. I want to brace the long edge of a piece of 1/2" (12.3mm) birch B/BB plywood to prevent it twisting or bowing (in a workbench). My first thought was to add a brace e.g. 3/4" x 1 1/4" to...
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    Drilling a hole dead straight

    I want to drill a dead straight 10mm concentric hole in a spindle about 100mm deep without it wandering off e.g. by not following the grain and not staying true. The spindle is the hub for a wheel so needs to limit any later wobble e.g. it shouldn’t prove the hole hasn’t stayed true. Instinct...
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    Stain cherry

    I have a project with cherry. I want to even out the colour because on the front there is a consistent colour with interesting markings etc. but on the back I have a mixture of “normal” and “lighter” e.g. some sapwood (perhaps with hindsight too much) showing. I want to bring the lighter wood...
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    Adapting a workshop/garage when considering the neighbours

    I have two neighbours nearby and live in the countryside. One thinks it's "cool" to make stuff and is far enough away that the noise isn't a problem. The other is a "little concerned" about the noise I make. We agreed that I would keep the noise down by closing the door. He uses his equipment...
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    SOLD: Axminster AWVSL1000 woodturning lathe and floor stand

    I have my Axminster AWVSL1000 woodturning lathe and floor stand for sale - I live in Hampshire. Price £230 (which is £200 off the current price) and includes all supplied accessories. Axminster warranty is transferable and is valid until 26 November 2020. Buyer collection only (Hampshire)...
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    How to make a "planter" style bowl?

    I have a requirement to make a turned "planter" style bowl and I'm not sure the best approach to use. The bowl is to be made so that it can be hung on a wall - the effect is that 1/2 of the bowl comes out from the wall and the bowl has a "back" e.g. it's not something that can be turned like a...
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    Advice? Unsure how to add casters to bandsaw cabinet

    Suggestions welcome! I have a new bandsaw and want to increase the flexibility by aiding mobility and adding casters. I have some heavy duty casters which have two braked and two free wheels and support 200kg+ The bandsaw as only just over half this weight - so should be ok (if properly...
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    Sold - Axminster Hobby HBS250N 10” Bandsaw

    I have my Axminster Hobby 10" bandsaw for sale - I live in Hampshire. *** Updated to include three photos, price and additional info about the transferable warranty *** I bought it new direct from Axminster on 26 April 2018 and it's covered by the transferable Axminster 3 year warranty (I have...
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    How to finish bath panel in white

    I would like to finish a bath panel in white. It’s made of a software frame and three hardwood plywood panels. Not quite finished. What alternatives are there to sealant, primer, undercoat and top coat? I would like to maintain some of the character of wood grain (and hopefully a long life)...
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    Tools for turning when it gets bigger

    I have seen youtube videos for larger platters and have been experimenting with larger workpieces up to 25" diameter. What sort of woodturning tool is used to get a good flat finish? I have seen mention of a negative rake scraper but I don't have one. I have experimented with a pull cut with a...
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    Hardwood suppliers near Salisbury

    I'm looking for hardwood suppliers near Salisbury (or Southampton) for woodturning e.g. closer than Yandles. I can cut bowl blanks from boards and rip wide stock into smaller sizes. In particular I'm having trouble finding suppliers of distinct light (Sycamore/Maple) or dark species (Purple...
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    Axminster Trade lathes Middle or High versions

    I'm considering an AT2030VS, and using the extension (as an outrigger) for workpieces that are up to 24" diameter, occasionally. AT1624VS and extension is too long for me.
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    Outboard turning of a bigger bowl

    I'm looking at trying outboard turning e.g. putting the headstock in the middle of the lathe bed facing forwards and using a freestanding tool rest to turn (bigger than the normal swing) bowls. I was going to make one from 2x4 timber (12" wide frame and required height) and a 3/4" plywood foot...