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    Scribe tools -for site fitting of fitted furniture

    I wondered if anybody had a preferred tool they use or a little jig they use to do this I am doing more installation work and this week had to scribe around some Ogee skirting do you pro site fitters out there use a tool or use an offcut on site or..... TIA
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    The cost of a microwave on standby

    Apparently a microwave typically uses more energy per year powering the clock than heating food. cost of keeping a microwave on for one year = £15 could I be arzed to turn it off after every use…..Mmm not sure.
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    Bargain on ebay

    I might put in a cheeky bid :ROFLMAO...
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    Solar panels: do they save money?

    With energy costs rising exponentially, I’m thinking of solar panels has anybody got experience with them? I live in South East (Sussex), house is conventional gable ended, like an apex roof shed. Pitch is about 35deg, rear side faces about South South East. my concern is I don’t know how...
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    Buying a machine on eBay sight unseen with pallet delivery

    Hi all, Ive won a bid on a Wadkin machine (Sunday eve) Ive not paid yet, I sent the seller an email this morning, just requesting some details, but so far no response. As its over £1k, I thought it was reasonable to ask some more details - the description is “good working order” and “good...
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    who knows what they are? and how many have seen one?
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    Spontaneous synchronisation

    I don't know why, I find this mesmerising....
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    Kitchen worktop height -whats your preference?

    I know that most kitchen manufacturers do this: 720mm base carcase + 150mm plinth = 870mm so we get to a nominal 910mm with a 40mm worktop however I have heard that 910 is a bit short for many people and kitchen worktops may be set at say 930mm I just wondered what the bespoke kitchen...
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    Power tool cable management

    I'm looking for ideas on how to make a decluttered workspace set up. I'm thinking of: cutting off the power leads and fitting quick connectors (Festool seem to have got my idea.....) Any ideas of how to manage the cable? I was wondering about a sliding rail for the cable overhead
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    Bandsaw guides - why is the rear one side mounted?

    I have a 20" Wadkin BZB and like many old bandsaws it has a rear guide that is mounted sideways. But when used for resawing it sparks - not surprising really. It does rotate a bit, but it still sparks, or just makes a racket Why not use an inline wheel so it rotates....I've seen retrofit...
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    window handle help please -mortice plate

    Hi all, Im trying to find a black monkeytail mortice plate handle the casement windows are using aquamac 124 which needs a seal gap of 7mm and all the mortice plate fasteners Ive found, the keep/plate overhangs the edge of the rebate too much really -and its not a dimension that the suppliers...
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    Box sash design: parting bead

    Whenever Ive made sliding box sash windows, I always have the same issue. The problem is what tolerance to give on the parting bead groove. Generally I machine the groove to 8.8mm for an 8mm bead - but the tightness of the bead varies - from slack Alice to Tommy tight. I spray 1 primer coat...
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    Trolley design

    Im helping a mate get his fledgling joinery shop organised He is lucky to have a unit of 28m x 7.5m on a farm, which is a great space, but its a mess. what I want to do is set out the unit so it has a 1.2m wide gangway the whole length of the shop, then build trolleys so all WIP, some machines...
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    advice on neighbours smoke from chimney issue

    Hi all, My Mother In law lives in a detached bungalow. her neighbour has a wood fire. when he uses it, the smoke comes out of his chimney and comes down the roof to the passage way between his house and my MILs and my MIL has hers air intake for her gas central heating and also her bedroom...
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    Recommendations for precision guide bush + sub base + router combination

    I want to use a router with guide bush for some precision work and would welcome some advice. I've got 3 dewalt 625 and an Elu 96 already so if there is some options for would be my starting point. I've used template guides for years in desalt routers but to be honest where the...
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    Box sash windows, which is correct construction.....

    I know traditionally the chill is grooved out for the pulley stile and in fact the groove was tapered for wedging.....all fine. But what happens with the inner and outer facings. I've seen some drawings show both inner and outer run through to the bottom of the cill In others I've seen the...
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    Face frame kitchens.....whats the best way to attach em?

    Generally Ive used battens down the sides and top / bottom as required The house style Ive tended to use is a 1mm reveal on the inside of the cabinet, a 25mm reveal on the outside -stick the frame on with 15mm battens and that leaves 10mm space for a side cheek where its required. What do...
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    Wadkin machine threads

    A friend has a Wadkin spindle moulder, it's like an EQ. Anyway all the fence clamp levers are missing, snapped whatever and he uses a spanner to tighten up. So my question is: what will the thread be? Like Whitworth or something. Waskin sell the clamp levers but the are £20 each, and I think...
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    Wine making -elderflower

    I'm thinking of making some elderflower wine, I believe elder flowers are out from the beginning of June. I am however a total newbie, so I thought Id ask if home made wine is easy to make as a novice and is elderflower wine a nice drink homebrewed. TIA ps keep safe all :D