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  1. rjsww

    Wadkin BGS10…The rarest table saw Wadkin made. Full Restoration

    thanks deema, will do! I was hesitant as I didn’t want to give anyone any more AGS10 PTSD :D cheers
  2. rjsww

    Wanted Short wadkin ags10 fence guide rail (Later 39mm model)

    Hi KingAether Did you manage to find some rails? I’m looking for a pair of longer rails to replace the shortened ones I currently have. Could do a trade if you’re still in the market and interested? Cheers, Ryan
  3. rjsww

    Wadkin AGS10 Rails

    Hi all, I’m looking for AGS10 fence rails as the one I recently acquired and am getting back into shape came with rails that have been cut down to the 24” mark, which only leaves me with around ~19” cut capacity. The fence it came with is pretty beat up too, the castings are fine and mechanism...
  4. rjsww

    Wadkin BGS10…The rarest table saw Wadkin made. Full Restoration

    Hi Deema Im currently working on my newly acquired AGS10 and I’ve found this thread to be extremely helpful! I have a few different questions to ask but wondered if there is a better place to ask them? thanks for all your help so far, even though you didn’t know it! Ryan
  5. rjsww

    Looking for a part share in a Cabinet Making workshop

    I dont suppose your still looking for a workshop share... its only 8 years later, and considering the small unit shortage in the area, I wouldn't be surprised if you were still looking! Ryan
  6. rjsww

    Bench space / workshop share

    Hi all, I'm in a similar boat, but I'm a bit further north in Basingstoke. Ideally I was looking at getting a shop space more towards London somewhere slightly south of the M3 but prices are ludicrous. Really need to find someone like minded as its proving to be an impossible feat alone! Ryan