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  1. Jamesc

    Tool/machine identification

    My parents inherited this when they bought their house 40 years ago. Does anyone have any idea what it is? We would like it to be used, wanted, restored - anything really. It seems a shame for it to slowly rot away. Does anyone want it? The rollers are geared to turn together so preumably...
  2. Jamesc

    Sold Plane Blades and Chisels

    Having a good clearout and much as I would like to I am unlikely to get around to plane making amoung all my other projects. This is a collection of mostly laminated plane blades found on one of my travels in the distant past, plenty of interesting looking makes marks but I have not cleaned them...
  3. Jamesc

    Tools For Self Reliance Sale

    I know many on this siste support the excellent tools for self reliance. I have just recieved a flyer that due to the Pandemic they are holding an online auction of tools in place of their usual tool sales. There are a few colectable items that peipole here may be interested in and help a good...
  4. Jamesc

    Rcomendations for a budget Mitre Saw

    I would be grateful for any recomendatiosn or horror stories for a budget mitre saw. To put things into contect I have a superb Wadkin Radial Arm Saw in my workshop which does more than I will ever nead when I am at home. Waht I am looking for is something to take to one or other of the sons...
  5. Jamesc

    Dust Extractor. SOLD

    For sale is my trusty Clarke Dust extractor. It has served me well on my table saw and planer but I am upgrading to a fixed system. Everything works as can be seen from the picture. I have an number of Axminster heavy duty bags (some un-used which I will throw in. Collection preferred from...
  6. Jamesc

    Thank You - Anyone with a drum sander near Southampton?

    My wife has just made two end grain cutting boards from purpleheart and maple for Christmas presents. Before my workshop is turned a lovely shade of pink is there anyone out there with a drum sander who could sand these. They have gone together really nicely and there is probably an absolute...
  7. Jamesc

    Planer Thicknesser

    This is a nice compact planer thicknesser, as far as I can find out it was an accessory by Emco see I was going to add a motor and made a welded stand and motor mount but then came by a larger machine so...
  8. Jamesc

    Wooden Loo Seat

    I have a new project to make a wooden 'Throne' type wooden loo seat. similar to I would like to make mine in oak. I have the tools and (hopefully) the skills to make it. My queries are on the design. Most older seats I have seen use the...
  9. Jamesc

    Flat Roof help please

    We have a flat roof an extension that has started to leak. The roof is felt put on with hot bitumen, after 17 years it is past its best. Knowing very little about flat roofs I am contacting local roofing firms for prices. What I am looking for is a little advice so that I can be informed...
  10. Jamesc

    Help with push to open hinges

    Hi, I am constructing a series of concealed doors to look like a run of panelling but am struggling with the hinges. As I want the doors to essentially be concealed I am looking a push to open types. As the doors need to butt together as close as possible I have been looking at kichen type...
  11. Jamesc

    Which Circular Saw Blade

    Hi Guys, I have just purchased an Axminster AW10BSB2 10" saw bench and am looking for any recomendations on blades. I mostly work with oak around 1" thick which I want to cross cut and rip. At the moment I am favouring the Freud range - specifically the LP20M 24 Tooth for ripping and the...
  12. Jamesc

    Tool ID help please

    I have been asked if I know what these tools are by a local museum. They have been offered them fro display but would like to know what they are before accepting them. All I know is what you see and that they are being offerd to the museum in Wimborne Dorset. Thanks for any help guys
  13. Jamesc

    Any Veritas Wonder Dog/Pup owners out there?

    I am looking to make myself a couple of these as I have access to the metal working machinery but sadly not hte funds for the real thing. I can see how everything goes together except the fixing of the pressure pad, I have looked at every photo I can find but they are all from the side. Would...
  14. Jamesc

    Excellent Service from Bosch

    I just thought I would give praise where it is due. I purchased a Bosch PMF 180E multi saw around a year and half ago to do a specific job. This it did admirably and for the cost of the tool I would have been happy if I had put it in the bin there and then. However as with these things I...
  15. Jamesc

    Amazing pipe organ puzzle desk

    I came accross a link to this on another forum. Truely staggering work. James
  16. Jamesc

    How to make wedges - Lots of them

    I have recently quoted for my first comercial woodworking project, shhnd held tools along with ould I get it I will have to manufacture 1/2" wide wedges in oak. For each batch I will need between 200 and 500 wedges depending on which product I and working on (commercially sensitive). I have...
  17. Jamesc

    Post Support Bases

    I need some way of keeping the support posts for a garden arbor out of the ground as the area regularly floods for 2-3 months of the year. I have been looking at but my eyes are still watering at the price tag. Does anyone have a...
  18. Jamesc

    Jigsaw Choice Dilema

    Ok, I am about to have a birthday (21 again :D ) and my lovely wife has sanctioned replacing my somewhat worn jigsaw. I have narrowed my selection to two, the budget won't stretch any further so Festool or my personal choice of Mafell are completly out of the question. The work the saw will be...
  19. Jamesc

    Work Holding to make tool handles

    Hi, A bit of a departure for me, looking to move to the dark/round side. I have recently aquired a Record CL3 lathe for the express purpose of making tool (chisel & plane) handles. The lathe was very cheap mainly because it has nothing with it (and I mean nothing no pronged centre, tool...
  20. Jamesc

    Which Random Orbit Sander should I buy?

    Having a birthday fast approaching my wife has said that I can spend up £100 on a new toy. I have decided that a ROS is what I want but which one. Obviously with this budget Festool is out. The main work I do is in Oak, the next few jobs are some paneling, new kitchen doors and a laminated...