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    Metabo Bandsaw 316

    I am replacing the lower wheel and spindle on my bandsaw. The old wheel had cracked and the spindle was slightly bent. I am struggling to fit the wheel/bearing over the spindle. I have the spindle in the freezer at the moment and intend to heat the bearing with a hot air Blower, going down...
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    Dismantling/adapting furniture.

    My son has just moved house and has some furniture that is to big to go up the stairs. He was going to get rid of the furniture but I have suggested that he looks for a local woodworker who could dismantle and adapt it for them. If anybody knows of someone in the Hythe Kent area I would be...
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    What chainsaw.

    For the last 14 years I have used Stihl chainsaws. The last one has been a bit disappointing. I have had carburettor problems but when I was taking it apart All the throttle and choke mechanisms were plastic and completely worn out. A quick look on the internet showed that Stihl and...
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    Back in the Workshop

    Both myself and good lady wife have been very ill with the flu for the last two weeks. It is no exaggeration to say that we have been completely pole axed. Today was the first time in the workshop for over two weeks and it was great. Next time we get the offer of a flu jab we are going to...
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    Grand Designs

    I have just watched last nights Grand Designs. One of the best Grand Designs I have seen I thought the guy was a genius. I just wished I had his flair for design and his ability to work wood. Mike
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    Hi I have been asked to turn some stair spindles. The client will provide the original and the wood. I have no problem turning them but I am useless at pricing. Any thoughts would be most appreciated Many thanks Smithy
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    changing user name.

    Hi I would like to change my user name, but cannot find out how to do it. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks
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    Coronet Minor.

    Hi I have attempted to ressurect a Cornet Minor. It has not been used for many years and I have a few concerns that I hope someone might be able to help me with. Initially it ran but I found the speed alarming when I slowed it down by changing the pulley position it tripped out the NVR switch...
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    Selling on ebay

    Hi Over the last few years I have been doing the craft markets and although I enjoy them they can be a bit hit and miss. In order to improve my chances of selling I am considering using eBay. Not on auction but buy now. I would like to know of anybody else's experiences. Or if anybody has...
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    Bandsaw Tyres

    Hi I have an Elektra Beckum 316 bandsaw which is now 10 years old and has developed a tendency to break blades. I have checked everything and am now wondering if I should change the tyres. They have never been changed and have seen a lot of use. Any comments would be much appreciated...
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    Christmas markets

    Hi I have been doing a lot of Christmas Fairs here in Normandy and was wondering how other people are finding business. For me business has not been bad but I have the feeling that people are still being very careful with their money. Mike
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    John Brown Chairmaker

    Hi I used to be a big fan of John Brown the chairmaker when his articles appeared in Good Woodworking. I came across this un-edited article on the net. It first appeared in Fine Woodworking. I thought it might be of interest. Apologies if I am repeating any previous post...
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    When will it warm up?

    Hi I have just spent the first of three days at a Craft Fair. When I set off this morning it was snowing and minus 3. The fair is in an 11th century church in a village called Touques just outside Deauville it was cold outside and even colder in the church. When the sun did come out all the...
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    Electicity consumption.

    I have been trying to make sense of electricity consumption and originally thought that my modest woodwork machines were using to much electricity. A weekend without use has shown no difference. We, that is just two of us, are consuming 18kw a day. We have the usual electric appliances plus...
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    Sawtooth bit

    Hi I think I have drawn the temper on a sawtooth bit after a lot of use. Has anybody any thoughts on re tempering it and sharpening. Any info would be great. Thanks Mike
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    Wooden toy wheels in France

    Hi can any of the French resident members of this forum help me. I am looking in France for wooden wheels for toy making. I have searched the net without any luck. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Mike
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    bandsaw problem

    Hi, I am having a bit of trouble with my bandsaw. When I switch it on it just hums. If I spin the wheels and give it a bit of assistance it runs OK. Any suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks Mike
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    New Lathe

    :P I am a happy chappy. After struggling for the last year with my trusty old Nu Tool lathe and Multistar chuck. I have bitten the bullet and brought a Record CL3 and a Axminster chuck. I feel as if I have gone from a Mini to a Rolls Royce. Mike
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    Exterior glue

    Hi This is my first visit to the Forum. I would like to know what glue you find the best for outdoor projects. I currently use PU glue, but I am finding it difficult to find here in France and a bit expensive. I would like to use PVA exterior but I am concerned that it might not be good...