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    Why do we do it

    Why do we all do the projects and restorations we do ? I am not quite sure why I do it, so would like to hear from others. This often involves LOTS of time, effort and money - so what is the driving force ? What is the "satisfaction" ghat drives this ?
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    A reluctant farewell

    Have been on this site for a few years now, and hope that I may have helped a few along the way.
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    Disc Sander - Rebuild

    30 or 40 years ago, you could not find a decent disc sander. So, I built one. It's been working beautifully ever since - but it's time for a little TLC. If there is any interest, I will post progress.
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    Koji Trays

    The next challenge is to build 30 Koji trays. They ( herself - and others ) say Koji is a type of mould. I suggested they went to the local tip - but that didn't go down well ! Groan !! Why do I agree to do this ? They need to be made from Japanese Cedar - not easy to find in Aus. I will...
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    Thicknesser electrics

    Have a 400 mm planer thicknesser. Runs from a 5 hp 3 phase motor Has a manual Star / delta starter, running from a DOL starter. After start, takes about 3 seconds and then you switch from star to delta. Has been working fine, until this morning - when the switch appeared to "freeze" Managed to...
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    Drill press restoration ( again ! )

    About 30 years ago, I came across a Swedish geared head drill press. I re - built it and it has been great. I replaced all bearings and replaced all the wiring. She has worked beautifully ever since. The last place we lived had a serious rust environment, so I ( foolishly ) covered her in grease...
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    A little background : Many years ago ( too many ) I met a young lady who was busy knitting at a railway station in Hazlemere Surrey. Turns out that she had made her own spinning wheel from English beech and elm. It was a copy of her mother's antique wheel and was quite beautifully built. She had...
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    Wadkin lathe restoration

    Having searched far and wide to find a Wadkin BZL lathe unsuccessfully, was lucky enough to find a Wadkin RS 6 which was up for auction within an hours drive from home in Sydney Australia. The lathe is Pre 1956 and suspect it may be around 1945 - 1950 It was part of the pattern makers shop in a...