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    The EU has now banned Nitromors

    Time to get your stocks in now before it disappears from the shelves. I wrote to all my MEP's Lib, Lab and Conservatives; Conservatives replied and told me their intention of voting for an amendment which would allow amateur use, Michael Cashman Lab couldn't be bothered to reply - more...
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    EU To ban Nitromors! - Lobby your MEP NOW!!!

    The EU intend to ban many paint strippers such as nitromors despite opposition from many countries. "the commission, in bringing forward this proposal, did not allow this proposal to be further discussed or voted by Member States’ representatives who have been debating the matter for six years...
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    Has anyone designed a mobile timber rack?

    Hi, I could do with a mobile way of storing timber - has anyone designed a mobile woodrack if so would you care to share your design tips and any hints or suggestions. I'm thinking of something about 10 feet long to hold perhaps 500 lbs of timber Thanks MBK