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  1. K

    My latest work

    Here is some of my latest work. Lots of fun. Still plenty of projects ahead of me...
  2. K

    Black spots on plywood projects

    I don´t know why but after some time, maybe a week or two, my projects start having some black spots. I have no clue where that comes from. I have been making toys from hardwoods and never had this problem. I thoughit may have something to do with too much sanding so the second (dark) layer...
  3. K

    EX-21 blows fuses

    I have a problem with my EX-21 that keeps blowing fuses in my house. The first time it happened was all of a sudden while I was scrolling. I just turned the switch to on position and everything went off. The scroll saw fuse was burnt as well. I swapped it but it happened again. I had an...
  4. K

    Patterns from .png in CorelDRAW - inside/ouside trace line

    I´m trying to make cutting patterns for logos and words by editting a .png files in CorelDRAW but I´m struggling: How can I make a pattern that looks like the blue lined copy of it? I can only see this while I drag it. Once I trace it by clicking "trace bitmap" I can see outlines, but inside...
  5. K

    Axminster EX21 - lower arm noise (video)

    Any clue what is causing this? I don´t even know how long it has been like this. I ware headphones all the time. :) Link to a video
  6. K

    Drill press, what size?

    There are 3 drill presses I´m thinking of. They are all the same brand, made in Czech republic. It´s actually the only maker I can get in my country (Slovakia) if I want "affordable" quality. The pages are not available in English but can be google translated. 1.)...
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    These dinos from Loyd´s plans ... _active_10 were fun to build.
  8. K

    Grandpa portrait

    My first portrait and first time using spiral blades...This is going to be a present to my mom´s 60th birthday.
  9. K

    Makita LMT100 miter slider

    I have the Makita LMT 100 table saw that is generally in a bad condition and I´ve been thinking about putting a plywood top on it then cut slots in it so the INCRA miter sliders would fit into it, but I thought I´d ask fist if there are any miter sliders that would fit into the original miter slots.
  10. K

    Blade endurance

    I've tried to push a single blade to it's limits and this is the result. :mrgreen: Slow stroke speed can really prelong a blade life. The last piece was real pain to cut, but it was still smooth. Then i gave up. Pegas double skip no1
  11. K

    Finger joints ache from clamping blades

    My fingers become aching from tightening and loosening clamping knobs (thumb screw) on my saw (axminster EX21) and I´d like to know whether you guys use or know about a jig/tool I could use to put less stress on my hand joints. PS: I only tighten them as much as I need to prevent slipping out...
  12. K

    Dust collection for Axminster AT330ST

    Long story short: I was impatiently waiting for the new Axminster AT330ST planer to be restocked but I noticed that the specs say: Min Extraction Airflow Required: 1,000 m³/hr My plan is to build a small dust extraction system using my industrial vacuum cleaner by adding a DIY cyclone dust...
  13. K

    My recent puzzles

    Lots of fun for me. From quick and easy to more difficult.
  14. K

    ATB vs TCG/ tooth count blades

    I need to get 10"/250mm table saw blades and would love to get some help on choosing the best tooth shape/count ratio. Materials to cut would be hardwood, plywood and occasionally veneered particle boards. My idea if to get 3 blades. One for finish quality rip cuts - ATB 40t and two, 60 and 80...
  15. K

    Best TS blade for hard wood and plywood

    I need a new blade (up to 253mm) for my Makita LMT100 that will give me splinter free cuts in ripping and crosscutting hard woods, plywood and possibly in cutting veneered particle boards as well. Wurth is a supplier for the company I work for and I was wondering if they have something...
  16. K

    Choosing the right (pegas) blade

    I have been using Proxon blades on my scroll saw because it´s what I can get locally. 99% of my work are puzzles of 20mm (3/4") thickness. No. 3 and 5 are my sizes to go for. I usually cut one at the time, but when I go for quantity, I do stacked cutting. I got a Pegas starter blade pack with...
  17. K

    Animals family puzzle...

    Some nesting animals from Judy and Dave Peterson´s book...Quick and easy, but fun...
  18. K

    Enzo Mari animals puzzle

    I got the pattern from Pinterest, but I don´t know how to feel about making/posting someone else´s design that I never bought. Or is it ok as long as I don´t make it to sell for profit?
  19. K

    DIY vibration free scroll saw stand

    I have been using a diy wooden scroll saw stand but it vibrates too much. I want to make one (typical 4 leg type) from square tubes and I've been thinking of filling the tubes with concrete for maximum stability. I know it might weight a ton, but it will be on casters so moving it around wont be...
  20. K

    Dinosaurs puzzle

    Proxxon blade number 5, oak wood and some linseed oil. Not as smooth cuts as I would expect, but our kids (3 and 5yr) love it.