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    Sold Pfeil Carving Set

    Pfeil Carving chisels carvers mallet, Arkansas slip stone and Chris Pye book. Bought this with the intention to start carving but never got around to it. Unfortunately not enough time. £80 posted
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    Primary Bevel options advice please.

    Ok would like some advice. I need to re-establish a primary bevel on one of my plane irons. in the past I have managed this with 400 grit diamond stone but it is now very worn and would take too long. So options as I see it are- 1. Replace the diamond stone with a new one. 2. Buy a course water...
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    Saw Files Confused

    I want to purchase some saw files to touch up my 14tpi rip and carcass back saws and my 10tpi crosscut panel saw. I was looking at Bacho but am confused about the codes and am struggling to decide on the correct ones to order. Advice on these or other options appreciated.
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    Dovetail Saw Quandry

    I am a bench joiner/cabinet maker by trade and found my way onto construction and for some years have been in construction management. Now the kids have grown up and we have moved to a place with space for a workshop I and really enjoying filling my time woodworking again. Particularly making...