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    table saw needed

    Hi all. I'm looking to buy a table saw,just wondering what everyones recommendations would be. My requirements would be Cast iron top Sliding carriage Adjustable blade height Good depth of cut, hopefully 75mm or more at 90 degrees Any advice?
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    Random Orbit Sanders - which one is best

    Hi all, hoping for some help. I need a good corded random orbit sander,hopefully one that can remove a noticeable amount of material but also leave a nice finish. I'm looking in the £100 ish bracket but would pay more if thats whats needed. Any advice? So far the list seems to be Bosch pex 300...
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    Cutting green oak sleepers with a bandsaw

    Hi, Looking for some advice. I need to cut down some 8ft long 8x4 green oak sleepers into 1 inch boards using a bandsaw ( Axminster 350). I'm looking for advice on blades and how to cut straight and minimise 'wander'. Many thanks