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    The EU has now banned Nitromors

    Time to get your stocks in now before it disappears from the shelves. I wrote to all my MEP's Lib, Lab and Conservatives; Conservatives replied and told me their intention of voting for an amendment which would allow amateur use, Michael Cashman Lab couldn't be bothered to reply - more...
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    EU To ban Nitromors! - Lobby your MEP NOW!!!

    I've had two replies from my conservative MEPs - the others haven't bothered to reply yet. Evidently they are trying to table amendments to the legislation. But the Germans, French and Danish are for a total ban. They are worried about the narcotic effects of Nitromors. Personally I'd have...
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    EU To ban Nitromors! - Lobby your MEP NOW!!!

    The EU intend to ban many paint strippers such as nitromors despite opposition from many countries. "the commission, in bringing forward this proposal, did not allow this proposal to be further discussed or voted by Member States’ representatives who have been debating the matter for six years...
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    workshop build (THE GREEN MONSTER)

    Don't you need to be 3 feet from your boundary? I seem to remember the last shed I build had to have that gap. MBK
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    Pillar drill choice

    If you get a chance chuck up a substantial bar of silver steel and wiggle it around. The last time I did this on an axminster drill - it was moving around all over the place, as was the scheppach and the SIP. The clarke didn't even need any silver steel in the chuck to feel the wobble!!. MBK
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    Rust prevention and removal - any advice?

    May I give an emphatic thumbs down to BOESHEILD - I went to quite some trouble to find it in the UK, it's expensive, and it's been pretty rubbish. I've got more corrosion on my cast iron bits than when I used WD40. Mind you it has been an extremely humid winter. My RH meter has been up in the 80's...
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    Garage Contents Insurance?? ... =insurance
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    New workshop authorised by Mrs H - help with costings.

    Hi Houtslager, I'm thinking of building a straw bale building this summer. I'd be very interested to hear about your larger build - that's a similar size to the one I'm planning. Any idea of costs - any pictures would be very welcome. MBK
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    Opting out of the NHS central database

    I'm with the opt out brigade - this system is supposed to allow many different types of civil servants & police access to medical records. The recommended security protocols haven't been implemented. The "looks like" searching mechanism effectively means that unauthorised searches could be made...
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    Timber listed by CITES

    Oops that should have read CITES III rather than II. CITES III is less onerous than II. The way greenpeace talk about it you'd think it was illegal to use mahogany. Lets face it as amateur woodworkers we will be only be using tiny amounts of the stuff. MBK
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    Timber listed by CITES

    I was under the impression that the CITES II listing for real mahogany - swietiana macrophyllia (sp?) only places a burden on the importer to ensure that the wood is legally exported, as far as I know it is designed to halt the flow of illegally felled timber, not that of legally felled timber...
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    B*@!*!! Tiscali

    I'd avoid Plusnet like the plague - you should see the flak they're getting after losing masses of e-mail. Their e-mail servers have been unreliable for about three weeks. Along with many other customers we've been watching their share prices drop with glee. I've been without a broadband...
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    sealing plywwod

    Have you tried a couple of coats of polyester resin per side - I use that on my trailler - seems to last for years exposed to the worst of the elements and full of wet things all the time. costs £20 a gallon and I find that 7-800ml does one side. If you increase the amount of catalyst you can...
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    Has anyone designed a mobile timber rack?

    I'd love to see details of your timber trolley Houtslager - do you also have the tsizes and thicknesses of the sections you've used and an idea of how much weight it supports. Are they 150mm castors? MBK
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    Has anyone designed a mobile timber rack?

    Dave, Thanks for the diagram - I hope you didn't have to spend too long with sketchup to produce that drawing. I like the look of it - I think I'll try something similar - I think I might modifiy it to carry timber on both sides and make it a bit longer to cope with the 12' lengths of timber...
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    Has anyone designed a mobile timber rack?

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I've not got a massive workshop (yet!!) but have things dotted round the country in rented lockups hence the need for something moveable. By movable I mean something I could wheel into a trailer to move around - not tow with a car). I'm a bit fixated with...
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    Has anyone designed a mobile timber rack?

    Hi, I could do with a mobile way of storing timber - has anyone designed a mobile woodrack if so would you care to share your design tips and any hints or suggestions. I'm thinking of something about 10 feet long to hold perhaps 500 lbs of timber Thanks MBK
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    *Changed To Workshop/Contents Insurance*

    1) Yes 2) No 3) Unlimited 4) Quite happy with cover I've got - can't be beaten imho - so haven't researched any others. 5) No 6) No 7) No single item limit of £2K
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    My First Drill Press/Pillar Drill - advice please.

    There's a lot of good advice on this thread, but be careful - some people may not need their drills to be as accurate as you. Once you've chosen the size and configuration of your drill - I think that runout is extremely important. The correct way to measure it is to put some round bar in the...
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    Price Check

    If you want to make substantial savings you could always try e-bay - the prices from German Shcppach dealers are much lower, and remember the warranty is pan european. MBK