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    Craftsman advice needed... how to make a mould (somewhat OT)

    Greetings Woodworkers. Somewhat off topic... but I need to make a mould for the case of the ukulele that finished recently. Please let me explain... I want to make a case for the uke. The uke should embed snugly into a moulded 'slot' in the case; the case will also contain other components...
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    Veritas whatsits?

    Robin... the 24th has long ago begun here... and no announcement. ;-)) -g-
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    Veritas® Small Plow Plane review

    Hi... have been away for some time (hip replacement - excellent carpentry - mostly with hand tools)... Where can I find a review for the Veritas® Small Plow (Plough) Plane? It has been on the market now for some months, so I am guessing(?) that one of the excellent reviewers here has done the...
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    A 'Bismarck' plane?

    Can anyone cast light on the use of the word 'Bismark' to describe a plane... probably a scrub plane? rgrds, g.
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    Treating wood with incense resin

    Can someone tell me about treating wood with incense resin? I am intesested in details on which resis in best suited, how the resin is prepared, how it is applied, and what properties the treated wood surface will have. TIA -gerard- conger(@)
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    My son is wishing to build an electric ukulele (or something similar), and I am looking for inspiration / ideas / plans for him. The main design constraint is -SIMPLE-. Any ideas? TIA... -gerard-
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    Chipping Lie-Nielsen Chisels- CONGERs case

    Mr Bean, and the others with chipping LN chisels... have you contacted Thomas Lie Nielsen? and what did he tell? I addressed the (my) chipped bevels to LNT last Friday morning. I have not heard yet... perhaps he is away (normally he is very prompt). I will report back as soon as he writes...
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    Metal free 'knockdown' joints for bed

    I am wishing to build a bed; pretty basic 4-plank design. Some requirements.... >>The bed must be 'knockdown'; I do not want to have to move the bed 'assembled' when I move house. This means that I must use 'knockdown' joints. >>The bed must be metal-free. I need suggestions please, on how...
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    Planer / thicknesser - for small shop

    If money were no object (har, har!), which quality (commercial - 220V) 6" planer / 4" thicknesser would you buy... and why? In my case... I have limited shop space available... and only a 'normal' (read 'small') shop vac. The T/P must be fuss free (simple knife installation), and reliable, and...
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    I recall having seen a shoulder plane with (k)nickers... but I am damned if I can find it again. I recall it was from a contemporary manufacturer... and the nickers were of a funny wheel variety... any hints? I would have guessed LN? -gerard-
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    Das Blog? -- somewhat OT

    Now Alf... I was impressed at your use of the term 'das Blog', so I asked the experts about its correctness. German native speakers have an uncanny, largely reliable, in-built mechanism with which they can determine the gender of a word which is hitherto unknown to them. I ran the word 'blog'...
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    Chisels for paring - best angle.

    I am wishing to re-grind my LN BE chisels and use them for paring (mostly dovetail work in maple). What is the best primary angle for this? Any other tips? -gerard-
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    Sows ear to silk purse...

    I had this piece of VERY pecked birds-eye maple left over. It lay in the tool tray at the back of my bench for years-and-years... just did not have the heart to get rid of it. So I chiselled and scraped (that wood is difficult!)... and... lo... what a sweetie! Heated in the oven to 100C...
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    Loose nuts (LN)!

    I have been attending 'school' recently and have had a selection of my tools (yes, I have more than one!) in the boot of my car (OK, 'trunk' to you 'mericns... 'Kofferraum' to my neighbours). Amongst these are two LN saws. The heat (yes... we are in a truly tropical heatwave here in Munich... I...
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    German infill maker joins the ranks

    Gerd Fritsche makes planes in the Norris and Spiers tradition. He is located in Bavaria, in the south of Germany, close to Lake Constance. I will report again when I have seen more of his planes. -g-
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    Hand dovetails question - Rob Cosman video(?)

    I am going to hand-cut some DTs(!) shortly, and I have decided to apply the 'Klausz' method... but I doubt I will be as fast as he is! I recall watching a video once... it may have been one from Rob Cosman... where he 'relieved' the 'insides' of the tails to ease fitting (he says smiling... in...