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    Another day, another ticket!

    Yep, you guessed it, another parking ticket. This time it one issued on private land by one of the new parking management companies. There were plenty of signs up warning of the parking rules and not following them exactly resulted in the ticket! It was a sunday and the carpark was almost...
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    could you use the existing finger guide to cut a new finger guide using a laminate trimmer? Cut one half then turn it over to cut the other, giving a full length good version? Do you have some plastic and a trimmer? Sam
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    Forum Users Routers

    Bosch GOF1300ACE for all duties. I know some here have had trouble with this unit, but mine has given great service over the past two years ish. Very smooth high quality motor. Highly adjustable fence and built in plunge fine adjuster sold it for me. Good switch / plunge lock layout. Nice...
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    If you are willing to mail order you can use Strauss direct, They have a good range and are dirt cheap despite being good quality for most stuff. We use them on the farm for all sorts. Sam
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    Any Electricians out there?

    Interesting point. A subject close to my heart. Trouble is, achieving what you say "make sure he's a good one". I would of thought the line of gathering more info on the situation surrounding the installation would lead to a few suggestions on how best to approach the new connection. Then...
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    Any Electricians out there?

    So what went wrong? Did you get a packet cos, sorry, because; A. You weren't taking good precautions? B. Someone else wasnt taking good precautions? C. There was 3 phases instead of one? Since the last between phase shock you had was 20 years ago, then it looks like I might have been right...
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    Any Electricians out there?

    Saw the result of a spanner being dropped across some 415v busbars once. Punched the busbars straight out of the ends of the panel cabinet! :shock: In neither case did anyone get electrocuted by getting between phases. All this only proves one thing, anyone who is an silly person can...
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    Any Electricians out there?

    True, but people dont usually get a shock between phases, only to ground which is a mere 240v. Anyhoo it'll be good practace, due care and the RCD that saves ya in either case. All irrelevant cos you are going to get an electrician arn't you, arnt you. PS: make sure the saw is very clean...
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    Agree. Bad luck. Slef employed also. Have been all my life. Woldn't have it any other way. Huge shortage of people with craft skills all over the country. You'll have no trouble finding work. You need a CIS card (free) and a CSCS card (£20) for construction industry, you'll need to sit...
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    Any Electricians out there?

    Agree re contacting an electrician. Simple connection wont cost you much. Dont understand why everyone so far is so scared of three phase. After single phase is three phase, just with two of the phases missing and a neutral. The extra voltage in three phase comes from the phase difference...
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    Draught-proofing garage doors

    Probably not what your after but, I built an insulated studwall behind my door to improve the warmth and the security. Garage doors are incredibly easy to break into, in fact, most of them can be pushed out of the runners fairly easily. No good if you want a door though. Materials cost...
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    Agree re Ellis. Also think England should get over their aversion to kicking from the ruck. Scotland were so eager to attack our backs that they left the rest of the field unguarded most of the game. If Ellis happens to be into making wood smaller (and on this site) then please watch the...
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    door closer

    Some of the concealed closers dont conform to building regs (if you are fitting it for fire door purposes for example). In practace it just depentds how picky the building control man is!
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    Dresser Help

    Good folks of the forum, My next home project is going to be a pine welsh dresser. Something along the lines of the drawing (one I did earlier!). The bottom dog kennel part is for.......the dog! The upper part is glass fronted, over a space so the doors aviod clutter on the cabinet top...
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    Thicknesser thoughts, please.

    OK point taken, sounds like the device trips early. Must be plenty of power if you can plane 3mm - the Delta would stall. Cant be anything wrong with the fields in the motor so cut-out is probably to blame as you say.
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    Thicknesser thoughts, please.

    Not had any problems with my Delta. Stopped using the metal stand and made a wheeled box for it to stand on instead. The stand takes up loads of space and is heavy. Table set-up is key to good function as with any of these. They are all pretty noisy in my view. Whats all this about...
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    Bending Steel Tubes?

    Hitch, The bends are for the corners of a rectangular steel frame. Onto the frame I'll be stick welding some brackets and fittings. The radius at each corner isnt a requirement for the design, but would save welding time during later copies if the mitre could be replaced with a neat radius at...
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    Bending Steel Tubes?

    Thanks guys. All useful info, particularly interested to hear that the £100 hydraulic bender doesnt give a high qulaity finish. I have decided to go with mitred corners with a gusset for the first one (a prototype) then move over to the quicker bent steel frame for the final item. Looks like...
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    Bending Steel Tubes?

    Anyone know ought about bending steel tube? I have crack-pot idea which will involve bending some circa 40 dia 2mm wall steel tube into 90 deg radius. Anyone have experience here? I see a pipe bender can be bought cheaply enough, I just wonder if they are any good? I'd rather keep all the...
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    How long for an Edge?

    Was hoping you wouldn't ask!!! Not really sure if there's a huge difference yet as I've only done a small amount of work with them. I'll certainly let you know if there's a noticeable difference that arrises. I'll be making a welsh dresser in the coming weeks so might find out then. Cheers Sam