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    How can I save this piece

    First time with this type of form. I turned the lower part to try and get some classical lines, not sure if I succeeded as it seems a little short in the main body or is it too wide? but I was please with the foot detail. The lid I think is a disaster and far too heavy for the vessel, I had...
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    The lets see your chain saw thread

    Thought this might be a little fun My first saw, its electric so quite handy for indoor use, its small, manual pump lubrication but not too bad for light duty work. Its quite slow speed and low on power but it all adds up to a safe little saw to use. It does not have a brake however. About...
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    On the lathe lighting

    Hi, wondering what lighting your using, on the lathe lighting that is. I have a fluorescent strip light overhead and used one of the led magnetic base spot lights (mil28?) but it did not last the course, concept seemed ok just not durable enough for the cost. Need a new light, main use is for...
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    For critique #5

    Happy new year folks, First piece of the year :D My piece for critique #5. Not quite sure what this would be called, its my first attempt at off center turning and pushed my little Axminster 900 to the limit. I wanted to try some more texturing. Its 7" wide and 1" high from piece of seasoned...
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    For Critique #4

    Good evening again folks, Last piece of the year :D My piece for critique #4. It's a small bud vase and I wanted to play with my new Proxxon rotary tool and my first try at texturing in this way. I had only used an angle grinder up to now and that only gave straight lines. Its 2 1/2" wide and...
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    For Critique #3

    Good evening again ladies and gents. After a big effort today to master the Big Brother hollowing tool I now have my piece for critique #3. It's a medium size vase, wood unknown. Its 6" wide and 9" high wall thickness 1/4", it came from piece of unseasoned log from our wood club raffle. The...
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    Big Brother Bother

    I received a Hamlet Big Brother hollowing tool for Christmas, well it turned out to be the little brother but I can live with that. This uses a ring or cup cutter with a bevel cum shroud that sits above the cutter. I had read some were that ring cutters should be sharpened from the inside...
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    For Critique #2

    Good evening ladies and gents. After playing in the shed today I now have my piece for critique #2. It's a small Labernum bowl. Its 6" wide and 3" high wall thickness 3/16", it came from piece of unseasoned log donated by a good friend. The form also maximised the available blank size. Again...
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    Small hollow form for my first critique

    Good afternoon gents, a very enjoyable was had by all I trust. After six months of learning I have produced the first piece that I am pleased with. It's a small Yew hollow form for my first critique. Its 7 1/2" high and 4 wide with 1/8" wall thickness at its best, it came from a 8" seasoned...
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    So what turning toys are you expecting on Sunday morning

    Hi Gents, As the subject line says "So what turning toys are you expecting on Sunday morning" Pretty sure one of my packages is just about the size and weight of a big brother 2, this should stop some hollow form bangs I get as I don't have a guarded scrapper, and I have to collect a Proxxon...
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    Fun with new hobby

    Thought to share some fun I have had with my new hobby making christmas presents Tony
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    Airlite respirator

    Hello gents, I picked up a second hand 3M Airlite respirator for £50 recently and it seemed to be a good price untill I discovered it has been discontinued for some years now. Whilst it has had very little use and came with a new unopened filter I am now wondering how much life may be expected...
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    Sanding Abour

    I need a sanding arbour, recommendations please gentlemen. Tony
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    Any Woodturners in the ST7 area?

    Hello gents, any Woodturners in the ST7 area?, I live a few minutes from m6 junction 16 and have recently purchased my first lathe and wondered if there are any novices or even experts who would like to meet up and share a few turning moments, tips, skills, ideas and a beer. Tony
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    Wood finish help

    We have a new friend who need a protective coat. Douglas fir carved from wet with a chain saw two days ago. He will live in a semi sheltered location but the rain does drive in at times. Advice please gents Tony
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    New fellow joins an asks for advice straight away

    Hi, just logged in to here for the first time as an absolute beginner at wood turning without even a lathe. I have had a hankering for some time to try my hand at some wood turning and are now at the point of considering the Charnwood W821 with W830 Chuck & W833 6 Pc Chisel Set to get me...