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    Help needed

    Hi long time since I bin on here. Miss my friend Geoff knott ( chippy Jeoff )
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    hi i have a hegner, bin scrolling for 4 months now, i have just moved onto cutting hard wood, i am braking so many blades, help please
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    hard wood

    hi i live in manchester and i would like to move from cutting mdf to hard wood, could anyone please tell me the best place to get hard wood from ? thanks tracey
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    3rd time lucky

    3rd saw lucky . hope so much my hegner will be ok, 2 scroll saws an they went wrong , oh well 3rd time lucky
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    hi guys got my new excalibur ex_ 16s , i cant wait to have a go tomz, any tips would be great thanks , happy tracey axmister were great with me took the other saw back no prob ,
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    had it

    saw going back i think onlly changed blade 4 times, an now it wont tighten for god sake, they sent me 2 this morning they come, i really fed up, they did say i could send saw back if i wasnt happy,,,,what the hell is happening with me an these dam blade holders, any comments what i should do ??? :(
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    hobbies blades

    which blades should i get ? thanks
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    Pinned blades

    hi my clamps have gone again they sending me 2 more so that will be 5 i have had,,,of work today and really want to practise, what can i cut with pinned blades that come with machine,,,,,,axminster said if i still not happy with the next 2 blade clamps i can send my saw back !!!
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    so fed up !!1

    well looks like hobby over i cant even put clamp thing in, tryed twice an it wont hold blade,,,,i am thinking of going to an axminster store an asking them show me in case i that thick i doing something sooo wrong ,,, i know i must be, so fed up :(
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    up date

    my saw is AWVFS variable speed fretsaw 700153, i havent used it much and the blade clamp thing wouldnt tighten, so they sent me another one to i fitted it ! right are wrong i think it was right was on phone with guys from axminster, still it wouldnt close for the blade to sit in, so they are...
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    Axminster Blade Clamp Grub Screws

    well that me done now till i get some clamps, gutted not bin on it that long, oh well at lest they are seding me some more :(
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    my first thing !!!

    this is my first attempt at a fish, not brill nut i buzzing , comments please :) thanks to chris wilder for all your help :)
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    cant do it

    well i coundnt wait to get a stand, so i had a go today with saw on floor, i just couldnt do it at all, yes i am waiting now till i get i stand, would love to be able to have a lesson on how to use it, its ok watching videos an stuff, but i think for someone like me it would be good for someone...
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    update, still not had ago yet :(

    hi everyone ,hope everyone is well update still not used my scroll saw which i have had nearly a week, ok i work nites, i have still not got anything to put it on did try the pc stans no way it didnt work, so going out tomz to buy one, please any suggestions where to go, wish i could make my own...
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    thanks everyone

    hi just want to say my scroll saw come tuesday still in box, bit scared of useing it , bin on net for wks looking at differant things, this site is top an very helpful
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    help dont know what to do

    hi i ordered , well tryed to order some blades form mikes workshop , filled everthing in my card details ect, i have got an email saying the number are wrong, and to send my correct numbers i looked at my card and the numbers are correct, i am i little afriad of putting my card deatail in an...
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    where to buy

    hi my scroll saw came today, i need help , where do i buy mdf ? i live stalybridge sk15 thanks in advance tracey
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    what to put saw on

    hi please dont laugh i well new to this, my scroll saw is on its way Axminster Saws (the AWVFS).i have a problem i havent anything to put it on suggestions please, oh not got lot of money :( thanks tracey
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    advice please

    hi advice please, i havent ordered my saw yet, i am thinking of doing numbers and letters, hopefully i will be able to do it, then in time maybe more, so i was thinking of getting Axminster Saws (the AWVFS). comments please thanks tracey
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    what scroll saw to i get

    hi i have now decided i want to try scroll sawing , i would like to do letters an numbers to start with , to see if i can do it, can anyone suggest a scroll saw to get , hey folks not got very big budget , thanks in advance