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    Could EVERYONE stop making stuff so I could afford the materials..

    This article by the BBC says it all.. … It blamed "unprecedented levels of demand" that are set to continue… … cost of shipping a 40ft container from Asia to Northern Europe soared from $1,500 (£1,061) in summer 2020 to more than $8,300 (£5,873) by...
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    HELP - New NVR switch does NOT stay on :(

    Folks, I need some advice. I brought a second hand table saw recently (iTech 315) and on bring it home and installing, I found the old switch was a bit temperamental. Temperamental in terms of (1) If I bang the table, the motor switches on, 2) The green NVR switch sometime works, sometime...
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    Needs help moving table saw..

    Folks, I need help moving a table saw which I’ve purchased from Westerleigh (near Bristol) and delivered to Telford. Q. Doesn’t anyone have any recommended transporting contacts who can do this ? The table saw is one of these.. iTECH 315mm Table Saw Bench About 195kg. Tu
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    iTECH 315mm table saw

    Folks, Does anyone have the manual of iTECH 315mm table saw ? A pdf would be ideal. Thanks.
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    Chair design - but how do I do this joint ?!

    Folks, Whilst the weather is awful and I'm waiting for responses to my lumber order. I'm thinking about making my first chair. I've found some designs out there and have been considering this design. I like the design as it's simple lines and based on those foldable garden camping chairs should...
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    Hobby packs - good value ?

    Folks, I’m a “hobbies” and am thinking of ordering ‘hobby’ packs from “British Hardwood”. Because I’m over in Telford, deliver is extra £50 on top, so I’m thinking of ordering at least 1cuft each of maple, cherry, American walnut, and ash. About £300 quids worth. I don’t have anything...
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    Height adjustable workbench

    Folks, What’s everyone’s view on height adjustable workbenches? I’m thinking of making my first workbench which would incorporate my table saw and router table but not sure what height. Basically, I’d like the workbench to be an outfeed table but am a little worried for use with hand tools...
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    Inspirations after visiting this place..

    All, Today, my dear wife dragged me to visit this place (google wharfside dot co dot uk) to look at some dining tables and chairs as we're looking for a nice solid pieces. Anyway, after spotting a really nice table and set of 6 chairs, we enquired about the...
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    Which finish for solid walnut window boards ?

    All, I'm a relative newbie and have 17 solid walnut window boards to finish so am a little stuck with what to do. They are all planed already so I would like some ideas please. What I'd like is a finish that is durable, semi/glossy that shows up the grains really well. Additionally, I'm a newbie...