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    JSP Power Cap IP with charger and box

    Selling my old powered respirator as I replaced it with a different model many years ago. It's been unused for some 8 years but still works fine. This one has the external "belt-clip" battery pack as opposed to the later model with the batteries incorporated in the helmet. The filters are...
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    FREE: Microclene MC780 Air Filter, (*** now taken ***)

    Bought in 2009 but only used for a year as I replaced it with a larger one and it's been lying around ever since. I added a couple of hooks to suspend it from the ceiling but it can be wall mounted by the original bracket as well. Complete with power cable. Collection only from Welwyn in...
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    Workshop heating

    I often read of the different ways people heat their workshops, but there is very little mention of infra-red heating. Most people seem to use "traditional" methods such as a stove or convector heater but these methods are not very efficient and waste a lot of energy heating the surrounding...
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    Anyone any experience of Axminster Cyclone Dust Extractors?

    I have recently had two wood-dust related illnesses and am looking to upgrade my dust extraction system. My current system (Axminster UB801 with fine filter cartridge dedicated to the lathe by a 2m 100mm hose and Big Mouth hood) is still spreading an awful lot of dust around and everything in my...
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    Wiring Dust Extractor with Variable Speed lathe ?

    I have a variable speed lathe (with NVR on/off and speed control in a moveable control unit) and dust extractor with NVR on/off. The extractor is dedicated to the lathe and only used with the lathe. The lathe also has a separate Emergency Power Off button that cuts all power to the lathe. I...
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    The ultimate grinding wheel?

    I've had my a Creusen 7500TS since I started and the finer of the two (white) wheels was getting smaller and smaller so I decided it was time for a new one. I'd read about the Cubic Boron Nitride wheels some time ago and convinced myself that I needed one, but only when my stones needed...
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    Why the paranoia?

    For Sale, Rule 5.............. I would be interested, and I'm sure others would too, to know the reasoning behind some of these restrictions. Firstly, you are allowed to post a thread that points at an ebay sale you think might interest other members, BUT ONLY IF IT'S NOT YOUR SALE! So you can...
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    Worlds smallest woodturner discovered :)

    This turner, seen making a dinner plate, is only 6" tall but appearances can be deceptive and he appears to be working in a full sized "shed" which is actually a miniature replica :shock:
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    Is it the Concave bevel or is it Me ?

    What are people's experience with concave bevels on fluted gouges as regards them possibly causing a rippling or ridged effect when running down the inside of a bowl? I often find I can't get a smooth progressive curve down the inside, particularly on tighter curves and it seems to be worse...
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    Sticky chuck came unstuck :(

    Do some woods not take to hot-melt glue very well? I was trying to stick a chucking block on the bottom of a shallow olive dish and twice it flew off as soon as I took a cut so I gave up and cut a recess instead. The glue was still stuck firmly to the chucking block but had come away completely...
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    Bog oak advice needed

    I've got a couple of squares of bog oak to make some small dishes with and would like advice on turning and finishing as I've not used this before. Is there anything I need to know about turning or sanding it, apart from that it is very hard and to keep the tools sharp? Also I thought I'd try...
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    No more saw fingers ?

    Take a look at this new concept in safety, an amazing use of technology with so many potential applications in our workshops. Thing is it won't work if you wear gloves!
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    What kind of woodturner are you?

    I'm curious as to what proportion of the members earn their living by woodturning so thought a poll might be interesting. By 'professional' I mean from the economic point of view and not how experienced you are. I realise there may be amateurs far more experienced and skilled than some...
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    What an silly person!

    I thought I'd have a go at making some egg-cups practising for the March challenge and all was going very well. I had a spindle between centres and my plan (not a very well thought out one) was to make 2 egg-cups from this same spindle, one at each end. So I proceeded to form the shape and had...