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    You can get it cheaper at They are charging £7.60 + vat for 200ml or £14.15 for 500ml
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    Now this is thinking inside the box!

    This is not something I have made, just something I saw on the internet that I thought was worth sharing!
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    Now this is thinking inside the box!
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    [\quote] Very nice. Where do you buy your machine heads? Do they come in 4's or do you have to buy multiples of 6 and split them? I bought them off ebay as a set of 4 as I really liked the koa buttons!
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Just finished this Ukulele for my wife. It is all made of Koa, apart from the neck and internal bracing.
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    Chicken rehoming

    There is a forum for chicken keepers that may be able to help you. Good luck!
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    Which band saw?

    When Tom talks about cutting the boards in half I think he might mean ripping the 2" boards in to 2 x 1" boards?
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    New instrument WIP - this time, a ukulele - Now completed... How about this one?
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    Any German speakers?

    The umlaut over the a would be spelt ae using a UK keyboard, so fråser becomes fraeser
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    New instrument WIP - this time, a ukulele - Now completed...

    Adam, I see you have not fitted a truss rod, but have you used a reinforcing CF or ebony strip in the neck at all?
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    timber in Buckinghamshire

    Hi Vala, Have you tried Dave Kinns in Cranfield? He is not open at weekends but has a good selection of european and american hardwoods and will mill it for you too.
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    Anybody using the festool parallel guides?

    I bought the guides when I bought the saw 18 months ago thinking they would be handy, but have yet to use them!
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    Axminster Basingstoke

    I popped in there too today as I was passing by! I have been into all their stores as I travel round the country with my work. This one does seem to be the smallest. Having a few teething problems with the tills when I was there but I am sure this will be sorted before the weekend!
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    Building a workshop!

    +1 I would also want to fashion some kind of extension to that emergency stop button so that you can hit it if needed!
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    Christening present (box)

    That is a lovely box! (apart from the screws!)
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    The tool you can't do without?

    I love my little bronze Lie Nielson apron plane!
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    Runner beans

    Had a good crop of runners and courgettes. Loads of tomatoes with zero blight! Potatoes were a poor return really. Birds ate all the gooseberries, our pear tree that normally yields bucket loads of fruit has not had a single pear on it this year, neither has our plum tree and the two apple...
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    Do you 'sign' your work? If so how?

    Slightly OT, I have heard of people inlaying a coin in their pieces with the year it was made being the same as the year the coin was minted. Is there any legal ramification of using current currency in a piece of furniture?
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    Must be some alternative use for these.

    May be able to hold a trigger style router switch on for use in a table?
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    Western Red Cedar...

    I guess Milton Keynes is too far for you to travel? If not the Dave Kinns Timber sell it. I bought some recently there, PSE for £35 ft3.