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    Wood Preserver.

    I have got a pile of european oak (offcuts from a local joinery firm) and am planning to make new kitchen doors from it. I would like to treat it with wood preserver first, to make sure i kill any nasties off which might be living in it. I have a 5 star, clear spirit based universal rot and...
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    Sedgwick 571 question

    Hi all, Waiting for my sedgwick morticer to be delivered, but it's taking longer than expected, which is now holding up the sorting out of my machinery. What i need to know is the working/table hight so i can plan what hight to have my other machine. Thanks in advance. Matt.
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    Triton router tables......

    .......are they any good or not? Ideally i would like to build my own big router table, but as soon as the workshop is finished, i've got to crack on with making the new kitchen, so i need a router table in a bit of a hurry. Thanks. Matt.
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    Matts workshop

    Hi everyone. Not been round these parts for a while, had a very busy few months, moving house, holidays etc all coming at once. But i have been spending what spare time i have had wisely, and have now got my workshop nearly complete. here's some pics The site before i started...
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    workshop location problem.

    We have just moved into our new house (eventually) and my first major job is to get a workshop (shed) built. I was planning to have it between our house and the neigbours, as it is quite a good size passageway. There are some scruffy rasied beds up against the neighbours wall (There's is an...
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    Damato Macchine combi

    Hi all, I had decided to treat myself to a proper table saw, with the procedes from the sale of our house. After reading all the good reviews on here, i had decided to get the axminster Aw10BSB2, but then i came across an advert in this months woodworker and woodturner for an italian company...
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    Making own kitchen worktops.

    Hi guys, I'm looking at making my own wooden worktops when we buy our new house. Rather than making them solid, i was thinking of making them from 30mm MRC then a 10mm solid iroko 'veneer' on top, (or 35mm and 5mm). Is this an acceptable way of doing it, or does anyone else have any other...
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    New workshop....ideas?

    Hi chaps and chapesses, I'm on the hunt for some advise again. We are currently selling our house and have just had an offer accepted on another house. One of the main reasons for moving is so i can have a bigger workshop (think swmbo is fed up of me using the spare bedroom in our 2 bed...
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    No politics rule...Good or bad?

    I have been following the very interesting global warming thread, but i don't know enough information, fact and figures to feel i can comment on it. One message that does keep cropping up on there and other threads is along the lines of Did anyone see the 'i'm not into politics'...
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    Woodworking channel

    I'm having problems with the video on the woodworking channel. The first bit plays(the heath and safety bit) but then i just get a black screen or a sign saying video loading one moment please, where the video should play. Is this a problem with my pc or with the woodworking channel...
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    Selling stuff.

    I would like to start selling some of the things i'm making, after all there's only so many coffee tables etc that one can fit in a house :lol: I don't want to go to the trouble of starting a full blown business, but i would like to stay on the right side of the law and tax man. How would...
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    Tools shops in New York.

    My friend is in NY over christmas and new year, and i was thinking of cashing in on the exchange rate and asking him to pick me up some LN bench chisels. Are there any good tool shop in NY to buy them from? I had a quick search on google, but could only find a shop called Garret Wade, which...
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    Rudey dudey posts

    There seems to be a lot of naughty posts appearing tonight (or rather this's the wife's xmas do and i'm on taxi duty), is it normally this bad. Is there no way to block it out? please? i'm foaming at the mouth wanting to press the links....someone please save me............. :lol...
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    Ash and Zebrano coffee table.

    Hi chaps, Here is my first piece of furniture finally completed. An ash and zebrano coffee table. I took inspiration from the zebrano in Philly's coffee table. It took me less than a year to complete (361 days to be precise :lol: ) Started it just before last christmas, but things kept...
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    Woodstar P/T problems.

    I've bought a woodstar pt 85 planer thicknesser, but the infeed and outfeed tables don't seem to sit square to each other, one of them seems twisted to the other. Is there a way of adjusting the tables so they are square, before i pack it up and send it back? Thanks. Matt.
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    Iroko for workbench???

    I have access to tons of iroko off cuts, upto about 2- 3ft long, and after seeing Lord Nibbo's super fine bench i fancy making a propper one myself. Is iroko suitable for this and also, because of the short lengths, i would have to make the top up fron blocks jointed end to end (like an ikea...
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    Blade brakes

    Hi all, Does anyone know of any after market blade brakes that can be fitted to scms? The saw in question is an elektra beckum KGS 300. Thanks. Matt.
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    Spalted beech...worth £50?

    Got an offer to buy this bookmatched pair of spalted beach boards on e-bay, after i was the highest bidder, but didn't reach the reserve price. The seller wants £50 for them, are they...
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    Help need to date book.

    I have an old woodworking book that used to be my grandads, but i've no idea of the age of it. It's 'The practical woodworker' by Bernard E. Jones. Also on the spine it says 'The art and practice of woodworking vol1' It's fascinating to look through, almost makes me want to grow a moustache, i...
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    Storing timber

    Here i am stealing your knowledge again. :D I have access to a large amount of timber (off cuts from a joinery manufacturer friend). It ranges from about 2' - 4' long, 1" - 2 1/2" thick. Mainly Oak, Ash, Iroko, Poplar and Sapele. As my workshop is the spare bedroom, i don't have much room...