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    Now this is thinking inside the box!
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    Dewalt DW625E Router electrical fault

    I was hoping I could get some advice from you fine folk regarding a fault I have with my router. I have a DW625E mounted in a table and it now has no speed control whatsoever, it just runs flat out regardless go which speed is dialled in. I have taken the speed control switch off and put an...
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    Domino SIPO rods OK for DF500?

    Every site that I have looked at that sells the Sipo rods state that they are for the DF700, but are they equally applicable to the DF500 or does the 700 cut wider mortices meaning they won't fit into a mortice cut by a 500? Any advice greatly appreciated!
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    Advice for Osmo Polyx on a blanket box?

    I am currently making a blanket box in English oak and intend to use a couple of coats of Osmo Polyx for the finish. My question is would this be OK to use inside the box too? I know if using Danish oil this can lead to residual odours inside the box, but is the same true of Osmo? I have some...
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    BZP screws with Oak??

    I am currently making a tool chest with oak drawer fronts. I have bought some brass knobs for the drawers but wondered if the BZP machine screws would be ok going through the oak fronts or would the oak stain in the long run necessitating stainless steel or brass ones? What do you think...
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    K Line on Wealden tenon router

    After a bit of advice! I bought a tenon router cutter for using on my router table. I have a dewalt 625 fitted in an axminster router lift plate using an X-treme Xtension for easier above table changing. Now to the dilemma..... When installing the router bit it won't drop down to the level...
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    Adirondack Chair

    Swimbo wanted a comfy garden chair in an adirondack style, so I bought some Western Red Cedar and ended up with this... It is finished with a few coats of Danish oil. I have to say it is really comfortable to sit in, so much so that the boss has asked for 3 more! I will try to remember to...
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    Kitchen Wall Unit WIP

    SWMBO has decided she wants something in the kitchen that will have both shelving for her cook books and also some drawers for things like rice, dried pulses etc The wall area where it is to be fitted isnt big so that limits the size the unit can be. I am completely hopeless at Sketchup so I...
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    House alarm

    I realise this is probably a bit of a long shot, but was hoping someone may be able to shed some light on my problem! We moved into a house a little while ago that had an alarm already fitted. The previous owners had not lived in the house long themselves and said they never knew what the PIN...
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    Which 1/4" router?

    I am after a 1/4" router for hand held work and was hoping you good folk could give an unbiased, considered and qualified opinion! :wink: At the moment I am torn between the Trend T5 and the Dewalt DW621K. I would like a fine height adjuster and preferably a fine adjuster for the fence. Can...
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    What is this? Came with Axi planer WP150

    Hi, I recently bought an axi wp150 planer and after unpacking it found this in the box... ... g&newest=1 I cant find any reference to it in the instructions or parts list. It wasn't used to package anything and I can find no obvious use for it. I am...
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    Day of the Triffids

    Was it just me, or did anyone else wath The Day of The Triffids thinking 'what they need is a Trend Airshield Pro!'? :P