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    Table saw questions

    Hi all, I did a deal with a friend and traded a bit of work for a table saw, it's a SIP with a 10" blade. The insert around the blade was broken so I made one up out of plywood. My first question is whether there should be riving knife directly behind the blade or is the one that the blade guard...
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    Camper van project

    Hi all, I've not been around for a while. I joined up here originally because I wanted to make a bandsaw box, but I got a bit ambitious with my next project; converting a van into a camper. The van isn't finished by a long way, but it's fitted out well enough to be able to get away on holiday...
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    Bandsaw Box No 3

    After completing my first real woodwork project of a pair of bandsaw boxes I decided to try another more complicated box. So as not to waste any good wood, I picked a handful of 2" x 4" offcuts out of the firewood pile and glued them together. I then cut and sanded the resulting block into a...
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    Clarke CS4-6D Belt And Disc Sander

    I've been promising myself a belt sander of some sort for a long time now with the intention of sharpening blades etc. This week I visited Machine Mart and picked up the Clarke CS4-6D Belt And Disc Sander. This afternoon I sanded a log down through the bark and to a very good finish in no time...
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    Lucky me got a set of Stanley chisels

    If you've read my other posts you will see that I'm new to woodworking. My company issued me with (among other things) a fleece for the cold weather, so I've been wearing it out in the garage while I make sawdust. One of the guys at work asked me what the h+ll I'd done to get my fleece in such a...
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    Silver Birch

    Last year I had to cut back a Silver Birch tree and I still have some of the larger logs left. I have never heard of Birch being used in woodworking except for plywood, can anyone tell me about the properties of this wood and it's uses?
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    My first bandsaw box

    Decided to make a bandsaw box to try out my newly acquired bandsaw. I pruned a dangerous Silver Birch last year, so I decided to use one of the branches as my project. I cut a 4" length from a 4" log and went to work. Here it is being glued up. After this I decided that the waste from the...
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    Router thickness jig

    I'm getting into woodwork through my desire to build an electric guitar. This is the jig I made today to use a router to plane the body down from 2" to 1 3/4" thick. In the foreground you can see a bandsaw box being glued.
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    Happy newbie with a scroll saw

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum, woodworking and scroll saws. I had a scroll saw given a month ago on the grounds that it was useless. I took it home and played with it and it was indeed useless. It struggled to saw anything over 1/4" and always wanted to spiral to the left, following a straight...