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    5 yr old boy kills his sister with his own gun :(

    The thing is I am not that surprised this has happened, tthe Americans are completely devoted to guns, they are actually in love with them. Clearly the father in this case is also a total silly person and in my opinion should get a long jail sentence because he really killed the poor girl.
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    Very true but in many cases there should facilities for folk to vomit because of under cooked meat, mainly sausages. On a hot day I am told the A&E in the evening has several I'll people. But your statements above although a laugh are mainly true. :)
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    What do you mean it could be dangerous???

    Not really unbelievable it just another American plonker that lives in Hicksville.
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    Workshop Humidity at 40%-55%

    Interesting, humidity in our living room is about 15% we have an humidifier and that brings it up to around 30%. 15% we find very uncomfortable particularly on the respiratory system. It's a bungalow, double glazed, open chimney in living room, central heating radiators.
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    Telegraph pay-wall

    Tabloids not keen either, some are just comics, although their news columns do have a low fog index.
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    Telegraph pay-wall

    Why would you expect to get E news free, newspapers aren't free.
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    Rough cut woodworking

    Roughcut woodworking is on now PBS America Chanel 166 sky
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    Excellent glue, lousy packaging

    Steve I to had the same issue, fortunately I did keep the top from the previous bottle.
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    Planing End Grain

    Can't see the need for a tight mouth when planing end grain.
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    Planer accident

    So it was a thicknesser.
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    I just find gambling a seedy and stupid pastime, it's designed for you to loose, so why do it. I agree the ads should go.
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    What is the last useful thing you did with a chisel?

    Dovetails and M&T.
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    Calling all Sharpeners - Panic not!!

    How will sharpness be determined on the day?
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    Never by hand

    Derek, interesting suggestion. Keep up the good work with F&C
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    Never by hand

    Well spotted Rod
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    Never by hand

    My only issue was with the word NEVER.
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    Never by hand

    Yes, Anthony Bailey.
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    Never by hand

    With this months F&C is an attachment called essential workshop guide. I think it is aimed at folk with limited woodwork experience. However there is a statement in the section on chisels, tip number 4 states and I quote " Always use a honing guide - never try to sharpen cutting edges by hand...
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    Soundbars....any good?

    Roger I think you have a very good point. My wife and I have noticed recently that the diction of some female actors particularly American is very poor. My son said I was going deaf so I recorded a selection and then asked him what was said, he had to admit it was not me. Poor sound recording...
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    Urban myth or not?

    I assume all current fobs are radio frequency operated, some early fobs used infa red which was much more directional. But I guess the is no need for these anymore as the latest fobs are so clever and secure.