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    Water Softeners drinking softened water

    Have just fitted a pre owned Tapworks AD11, Works fine but I have not yet made the long pipe run to the kitchen tap with pre softener water. What are opinions/knowledge of using the treated water for drinking & cooking etc. Cant say it tastes any different to me but the wife thinks it does and...
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    I want to make some shop counters out of 18mm MDF and laminate with Red or orange Formica could anyone recommend where you can buy & have delivered I have searched the web but most seem to supply bigger companies that want more than a single sheet . I have seen some on Ebay they have some width...
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    Staple size

    Can someone tell me what staples I need for this please presumably 41/16 is the size but I can’t find any on a search Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Air line

    I do picture framing in a room in my bungalow and it has come to the point that I need a air supply for a underpinner and staple gun etc. In the room I work in, You can buy silent compressors but they are expensive and space is a premium. I already own a fairly powerful compressor that is in my...
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    Clarify insulation

    Posted yesterday re floating Celotex floor and was advised concrete,50mm insulation, polythene barrier, then chipboard floor, Could someone please explain the reason and how it works. Next scenario I want to 100mm Celotex my garage roof between the rafters. So do I put Celotex tight up against...
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    Celotex floor

    I am currently splitting my garage in half so one half is going to be approximately 8x8 office, The floor is concrete and not obviously damp and fairly level I was just wondering if I could get away with a couple of sheets of 50mm Celotex and put some floor grade chip board over that. have also...
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    Sanding 2ft diameter hole

    I have made a 2ft round window with 4 pieces of 18mm ply cut out with router and glued and screwed together. I now need to sand it so that all the bits become one, not far out couple of mm here and there. Never had to do this before is a flap or drum sander the way to go? Sent from my iPhone...
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    Recomended paint for exterior ply

    I wish to paint some exterior ply its not marine grade but apparently the next level down. I would have liked to have left it natural but unfortunately it has a few chips and damaged edges that’s are going to have to be filled (recommendations for that as well) I was thinking of a light to mid...
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    Garage floor

    I want to put some ply or some other floor covering on my concrete garage floor but not increase the height by more than about 25mm. I am converting half the garage to use as a reception area for our picture framing business so needs to warm and dry as apart from people there will be wooden...
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    Garage wall installation

    I have asked before a long time ago but would like a reminder please. My garage has a exposed single concrete block wall and the other is side is the cavity wall of the house. I am splitting my garage in half width ways with a stud dividing wall so I have doorways either end. On the external...
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    Where is the best place to buy Formica/laminate I don't need lots just the occasional sheet? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Vacuum hose

    Can anyone recommend a general vacuum hose to use with Tracksaw, Domino, Mirka Sander etc. I've come to the conclusion that a un ribbed hose and lightweight would be better. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Over floor underfloor heating

    Hi just after some advise regarding the expansion gap of 10mm ply. I live in 1930s bungalow and wish to instal underfloor heating, my existing floor is suspended floor boards, the skirting is 6" stripped and waxed (don't want to remove) The process would involve laying 15mm insulation with...
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    Charnwood DC50 & Rutlands DK7109

    These both seem the same only difference I can see is price Charnwood £119, Rutlands £64.85 (Saleprice) Rutland delivery charge approx £5 not sure about Charnwood I ordered and received Rutland Vac seems ok only going to use for ERBAUER ERB052BTE 204MM P/T which is currently on sale Screwfix...
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    Insulation height?

    The height I have between the wooden ceiling and the underside of the man made slates /breathable roofing membrane is 115mm should i just put 50mm celotex in or could i make it up to 75mm with additional 25mm but this would only leave 40mm air gap. This is a summer house by the way Sent from...
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    Osb 3 & nail holding

    I have assembled a log cabin and am at roofing stage I have used the supplied T&G for the interior roof as I wish to insulate with 100mm celotex, leave air gap then I was thinking OSB3 then nail on supplied shingles . My questions are does Celotex have a tendacy to curl up? Someone told me it...
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    Domino 700

    If i was to get a 700 domino would i get away with using it with 18mm Conti board to make units for fitted wardrobe I know the recommendation is a third of thickness for dowel and the smallest on 700 is 8mm so in theory min material thickness would be 24mm but in practise would it work ok? I...
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    One place to post

    Is it just me or does anybody else think it would be better to just have one section where we post instead of all the other sub sections Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Router table on to Kitty 419

    I am planning on making a router table out of MDF and fitting it where the removable metal plates are that sit on/bolted to the fence rails. I'm sure I read on a forum somewhere about others doing this but can't find the post now. I was planing on using the table saw fence with another MDF fence...
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    Mafell MT55 guide rails

    I have bought a MT55 with two 1600mm guide rails The Mafel inductions are a bit vague to say the least and there web site didn't seem to offer much help, unless I'm looking in the wrong places. My first question is trimming the new guide rails how? On the Festool site it says set saw to slow...