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    Teak and Walnut Stool - polished

    Just finishing this one off, teak is recycled, it was a deck chair I found at the tip.
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    anyone tell me what delta scroll saws are like ?

    saw a delta for sale locally and wondering what they are like, I used to have a diamond so I'm kind of fussy in as much as I like a fret saw that cuts straight. also can anyone tell me how the Hegners compare to a Diamond ? Kev.
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    Current Project - Oak Dressing Table Restoration

    Well someone gave me this. Nearly all solid oak including the base of the drawers. Mostly stripped and the top is already glued / biscuit jointed back together. Frame's fairly loose, bottom strut is out some moulding is missing off one side and the ply needs replacing as it's skanky. Draws don't...
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    Restored Windsor Chairs

    A pic from a while back.
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    Squirrel Stands on Buddhas Head

    one of a long line of buddhist squirrels facing east seeking an auspicious nut blessing
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    Restored turned / rush seated Spanish (Conservatory) Seat

    Restored this one years ago and took off three layers of paint with course sandpaper and very sore fingers without trying to damage the rush seating. It went back to the shop and sold almost instantly. Not sure I'd fancy making one but maybe. Used an interesting trick to replace a broken spindle...
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    Restored Spanish Table

    This was done years ago when I worked for a pine shop over in Windsor and unusual pieces like this would fly out of the shop, very rarely would my restorations last more than a week, I think the fastest would have been about 15 minutes. I love the way in which this is made, the rails' tenons...
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    Heavily Restored Teak Benches

    Here's two teak benches restored fairly recently. The first one I scrubbed clean and then lightly sanded, the second I just sanded clean. They are 50 years old and were not in particularly good shape. Both had rotten tenons at the back RHS so some woodwork was necessary. For the arms I cut a 3/4...
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    Small Mahogany Stool - (Simple Turning Project)

    Small mahogany stool which is a variant on one out of Jack Hill's country chairmaking book. Rough size for a top is between 9 1/4 inches to 10 " sq. Centre of the bore hole is 1 3/4 inches in diagonally and done with a 1" forstner bit. Overall height is about 11". This one was made from ex 2"...
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    Antique Fretwork / Carved Panel

    Found this one at a car boot and later sold it on, remarkable piece of carving.
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    1960's Teak Veneered Chest of Drawers - Restored.

    Quick strip and polish on this one. Nice veneering. Back of the drawers are veneered in mahogany / sapele.
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    How to Strip - an Art Deco Table

    Here are some pics of the stripping process, in this case an Art Deco table. The stripper should bubble up fairly quick and look something like the illustrated picture, if this doesn't happen you've probably bought some shops own brand of stripper. I've used a mix of Morrell's and my own...
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    Metal Framed Pine Box

    Made a few of these years ago. So much work involved I can't remember how I made them. Fun though.
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    Restored 1950's Oak Chair - illustrated

    Restored this one recently as part of a book on the various methods. It had inserted tenons on the front rail, broken on both sides. Old chairs seem to always like that, its not until one looks closely and finds all the nails etc. stuck in them. Made some new ones, fraction thicker and glued it...
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    Can Zombies date Vampires ?

    this question needs to be answered ..
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    Restored 1840's Grandfather Chair

    I prepared this one earlier ... bought this chair from the tip, yep, they're mean round here. Took it completely to bits and dunked it in borax solution to kill any woodworm. Has a new oak leg as I wasn't even going to begin to try and find beech. I cut four inches off the far side of the seat...
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    How To Polish

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    Windsor Style Stool in Mahogany ..

    Windsor style stool with a mahogany top, beech legs and oak spindles. Again, it's a copy of one I restored way back and made this from memory.
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    Antique Style Pine Stool

    This is a copy of one I restored years back and I make them now and again. Lightly stained with Vandyke / Vandyck crystals. Polished with sanding sealer and wax.