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    Rough cut woodworking

    Roughcut woodworking is on now PBS America Chanel 166 sky
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    Never by hand

    With this months F&C is an attachment called essential workshop guide. I think it is aimed at folk with limited woodwork experience. However there is a statement in the section on chisels, tip number 4 states and I quote " Always use a honing guide - never try to sharpen cutting edges by hand...
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    Music in the workshop

    My son said his mate who is a carpenter had a phone call, the caller asked if he was operating a radio in his workshop (place of work) he said yes. The caller said he would be invoiced for £250. He works alone, I assume this is related to entertainment licensing, thought this did not apply if...
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    Solar panels

    This is not a moan just an observation. A house across the road has just had one side of their roof covered in solar panels. Their roof is directly opposite our living room window. When the panels were being installed I did not think about any impact on me, however when the sun is out at a...
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    Had several phones calls recently stating I have problems with my windows and that they work for Microsoft. I could hardly understand as they had a very heavy accent. They rang again today asking me to switch on my computer they normally ring off when I say I am using an IPad. Anyway I said do...
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    British gas

    Phone BG on Tuesday to come and fix the boiler, keeps going to "lock out". When I told the plonker that it keeps going to lock out he said " .what does that mean is it in a garage and you are having trouble locking". I controlled myself well and explained what lock was, he arranged for an...
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    Just an idle thought, why do folk say so and so has given birth to a baby girl/boy, you cannot give birth to an adult, why not just given birth to a girl/boy. I guess it is just convention/habit, even more strange when they say given birth to a little baby girl/boy, it's never a big baby girl /...
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    Bought a laminate floor repair kit from Homebase, there is a large tube of filler, 3 small tubes of dye, clear lacquer, small brush, and a couple of other bits. Anyway it gives you a colour chart and mixing ratios, I think it is acrylic. It worked great on the damaged floor so I guess it would...
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    The grandson picked up on the poor maths performance on the recent news, he asked me why are the 3 subjects called the 3R's, when only one begins with R. I was unable to give him a serious answer, who decided to call them 3 R's, no wonder the kids have problems.
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    Just had a guy on the phone who's english was almost non existent. He claimed that a recent windows update has caused a virus and my computer will run slow and eventually stop. He said they had been monitoring my computer for two days and it is running slow, they are trying to help me. He asked...
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    Titebond 3 warning

    I have not used my glue for some time. It suggests on the instructions that you should shake the container to restore the glue to a even consistancy. I did and the top came off. You may laugh, but the mess over lots of tools, my bench, and as I descovered later my watch, clothing, a real bummer...
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    Optical illusion ?

    Just received the Axminster top tools flyer and there are some interesting deals, I am particularly tempted with the veritas skew block plane, tasty. Anyway I digress, looking at the small picture on page 3 just above the words for the pack of blades for the awhbs350n. It shows a cut being made...
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    Draw-boring tenons

    Just been reading the article by John Lloyd on draw boring tenons in the latest issue of British Woodworking. On page 31 pic 4 he suggests that you could put a 1mm spacer between the stile and the rail shoulder (on the tenon), and then drill straight through the mortice and the tenon, this will...
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    7pm tonight

    A bit wood related, 7 tonight on BBC2 THE GENIUS OF DESIGN the Mosquito aircraft.
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    LN 85

    I have been working on a book matched panel in Andaman Padouk which had some serious tear out that would not respond to planing even with cutting angles of 60 degrees. Also tried back bevels slight improvement. However I then used the LN 85 scraper plane and the tear out was eliminated. This...
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    Sun child razor saw

    Any idea where I can get one in the uk, Thanet tools I have been told dont stock them anymore.
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    Money for the stupid

    Found this on the Knots forum. I am gobsmacked :x A Boston jury has awarded $1.5 million to a Malden man who injured his fingers on a saw while installing oak wood flooring several years ago in a first of its kind case that claimed the standard design of American table saws is defective...
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    In this months F&C there is an article on Clifton shoulder planes. It says that one problem is the tight mouth that is so necessary for cross grain work on shoulders, but which jams up when used on long grain. Now as I have always understood you do not need a tight mouth for end grain (as you...
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    Road Mess

    Now I know farmers must drive tractors on the road and that we should expect some mess but-----. Yesterday close to home a main road became in-passable, one side was 3 inches (at least ) deep in mud and stones, the other side was being made worse by some guy with a bull dozer. This mess was over...
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    nasty virus

    Thought you should be aware Recently received from reputable source within police circles: 4. COMPUTER VIRUS Someone is sending out a very cute screensaver of the Budweiser Frogs.If you download it, you will lose everything! Your hard drive will crash and someone from the Internet will...