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    Help required (coz I got less fingers!)

    Well not quite a whole finger gone or part of one but a bloody nasty cut! Using my jointer (that I have never been happy using) to square some 400x50x20 timber I slipped and badly cut my finger. Now do I persevere with the nasty beast or hand plane, and where can I find information to do either...
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    Last Desperate Cry for Help!!!!!!!

    I have a SIP 16" scrollsaw and just cannot get the blades to grip in the top clamp/holder. I spent the first 6 months of scolling rounding off allen keys and screw heads and stripping threads in the clamp. SIP supplied some more clamps but still the blade cannot be held tight enough. I have...
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    D & M Show - worth a visit?

    I am considering visiting the D & M show next month at Kempton Park but I am not interested in any tools :shock: Are the demo's and masterclasses worth the journey or are they just a sales pitch for the equipment?
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    Dust estractor or filter?

    I have a single garage size workshop and mainly use just my lathe in there. I am fed up choking on dust when sanding so what's best, a air filter or dust extractor ?
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    Ally Pally Show

    Is there much of interest for a woodturner at the Ally Pally Show this weekend ?
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    Spalted Beech

    How do you turn the end grain of spalted beech without it looking like the surface of the moon? :?
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    Too many screws!!!!!!!!!!

    I bought a Record Power DML36 lathe from the Record showroom open day at Yandles before Xmas. Very, very pleased with the deal and the performance of the lathe (I am new to turning) but..... The headstock drive wheels are fixed to their shafts by 6mm allen head grubscrews. Whilst hacking into...
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    Local TV (BBC Bristol) reports at lunchtime today that Screwfix are expanding their headquaters here in Yeovil and will be opening a network of shops throughout the UK similar to the warehouse shop in Yeovil, starting in Bristol. The report also states that Screwfix have now sorted the delivery...
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    New lathe, frustrating weekend.

    SWMBO was away for the weekend so dog sitting/work commitments kept me away from Tools 2004. But I did get to Yandles (only 5 miles away) and came home with a bargain Record Lathe package. :D Problem was that instead of my extra unsupervised playtime being spent using the new toy, I was...
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    Joint choice and finishing technique

    I am making a plant stand for SWMBO for Xmas. Basically consists of a tray supported by 2 turned legs separated by a turned stretcher and sat on 2 rectangular feet. Q1: What is the best/strongest joint to connect pummels on legs to the feet? Q2: I am making the legs in 2 sections each (vibration...
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    Hand Planing ?

    I have 2 pieces of timber 36 inches long x approx 3.5 inch, that I wish to plane to 3 inch square. I would like to hand plane (stop grinning Alf!) but my planing skills are very poor :oops: . What size/type of plane do I need and any tips for using it or should I go but a P/T (sorry to even...
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    Screw Threads in wood

    Sometime, somewhere I read an article about making glue blocks by drilling and tapping a thread (the size of your spindle) into a piece of scrap. Now, I have tried this and the fit on the spindle is too sloppy and the block spins out of true (using ceder and oak scraps). Does anyone know where...
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    Right tool for the job

    I need to cut a number of small pieces of scrap (2 x 0.5 inch ish) using accurate right angles. My armoury of woodwork weapons includes bandsaw, jigsaw, circular saw, various handsaws, mitre saw (hand driven), router (and table). What do you advise is the best tool for the job ? Any jigs that I...
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    Powerline Bandsaw Spares Locator

    Help please :? I have been given a small bandsaw (4 inch max height of cut ?). It's label sayes that it is a Powerline, model BK 1. The motor runs but the drive belt is missing. Anyone know anything about these machines and where can I get a drive belt ?
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    I have read the review of websites but has anyone used this company ? They are about to open a depot in Yeovil and their prices don't seem too bad. Screwfix, Yandles, Axminster and now Toolstation all close to Yeovil, we really are at the centre of the Universe !!! :shock:
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    Lathe spindle size

    I am looking for a cheap and cheerful chuck for my lathe (spindle 3/4 x 16). Screwfix have one for £34.99 to fit the Ferm FHB940 lathe. Anyone know what the spindle size is on the Ferm and is this chuck any good (or any other recomendations ?)
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    Wot do you do ?

    I think that this posting may cause a few explosive reactions from the woodturners out there but here goes anyway. I have always fancied woodturning but never got around to it. Recently I mentioned to a former lathe owning friend that I was interested in woodturning but the expense of setting up...
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    Table Saw build

    Anyone any experience/tips/plans on building a table to hold my circular saw and converting it into a table saw ?
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    Toggle Clamps

    I am very new to the wonderful world of wood but already hooked ! Just built my first router table and was impressed with the tenon jig on this website (a fantastic place for advice I find) but where can I get toggle clamps ? I live in the home town of Screwfix but they don't stock them and I...