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    Wanted Wadkin or Sedgwick P/T single or 3 phase

    Looking for a decent Wadkin or Sedgwick Planer Thicknesser. Can be 240v or 3 phase . Needs to be a minimum 12" wide planer up to 18" Thanks
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    Wanted Wanted. Fence for Wadkin Planer Thicknesser

    Just got a used Wadkin P/T but no fence for the planer...if you have one please contact me. Many thanks.
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    Where to buy Cartridge filter. HVLP extractor

    I'm looking to upgrade my SIP hvlp extractor to a cartridge filter. It's 500mm dia top bag. I've read about one particular uk supplier that people really raved gave great advice and service etc. ...but despite searching for it, i can't find it now. Can anyone advise please. Thanks
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    Oneida Super Dust Deputy.

    Can i please ask advice for the Oneida Cyclone. I have a small cheap cyclone used with my Lidl shop vac and it works brilliantly...separates 100% and at only £13.99 it was a bargain. Now i can see how well the principle works, i'm considering the Super dust deputy. My extractor is a SIP...
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    Hammer N4400 Bandsaw noise

    Can anyone shed light on the noise on my Hammer bandsaw please?? When i switch the power off, the blade comes to a stop fairly quick due to the electric brake...but the brake buzz continues for about another 7 seconds or so. The saw works perfectly. Any Hammer owners experienced this?? Thanks
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    Bandsaw runs for 5mins then stops ???

    Can I please have some advice from you electrically minded bods?? I've found a 240v Startrite 352. The seller says the motor runs and works fine for 5-10 minutes then just stops ? I wouldn't normally consider it, but it's only 15 miles away as opposed to the other end of the country . Any...
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    Can anyone fit a 3 phase inverter for me?

    I'm looking to buy a used Startrite Bandsaw. Most are 3 phase but i know they can be changed to work on 240v with a phase inverter. Before i take the plunge and buy one.........Is anyone willing to take this on as a paid job? I'm in Liverpool. Many thanks Kev
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    Domino's too loose

    I bought a Domino with the 2nd sustainer case full of Domino's. Ive used all the 10mm ones and they fitted great, ....ordered some more 10mm from a reputable supplier and they are too loose. They are fine on the width, but loose on the 10mm thickness. I checked with a vernier and the...
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    Oak table top glue up warping problems

    A friend of mine asked for an oak table top 2" thick x 7ft long made up of boards ranging from 5" wide up to 8" wide. This is not a job i've ever done before and i was quite sceptical about joining such thick boards. We were going to join them with Dominos We put all the pieces in his living...
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    A fair price for my Festool Domino

    My wife bought me a Festool domino 500 for our last anniversary. I played about with it for half an hour and made a few practice joints...since then its been back in the box and never seen the light of day. It came from D&M tools in January 2016 and also has the 2nd sustainer box full of...
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    Axminster AT1416vs Problem.

    I'm having a problem with this new lathe i bought. When i turn the speed dial down slow to apply sealer/polish it won't speed up again when i turn the dial. I have to turn it off at the socket for a few minutes, then restart and it's fine. Anyone had experience off this? It's only 3 weeks old...
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    Which mandrel saver to buy?

    I'm new to turning and just looking to get a setup for turning pens. I'd like to buy a mandrel saver and was wondering which one. The Axminster evolution is £41.00. Turners workshop is £29.99 for just the saver. Penkits uk do one for £18.00 plus another £14.00 for the mandrel. The planet...
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    How are spindle gouges and bowl gouges measured?

    Hi there. I'm new to turning and i've just bought a second hand Sorby spindle gouge. It was listed as 3/8". I thought that would be the distance between the flutes? Now it's arrived the distance between the flutes is only 1/4" but the overall blade width is 3/8". Can anyone advise please? Also...
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    How to stop Maple yellowing

    Hi Gents. I'm making a walnut box with maple end caps. I want to finish it with a sprayed lacquer using an Earlex 5000 i bought some time ago. 2 questions. How can i stop the maple pieces from yellowing and what lacquer should i use? Thanks in advance. Kev
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    Record DML320 problem

    I'm in the process of looking for my first lathe. I went to ask about tutition at a local club and they were really helpful. They have 4 Record DML320's only a few months old and i'm told they have had some problems with the speed controller. Record replaced all 4 lathes no problem and put it...
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    Shop Vac. Bagless

    Hello Gents. i'm looking for a decent bagless shop vac / wet & dry... will be used mainly for just general vacuuming up of sawdust and wood chips . Will occasionally be used with my sander. Your probably wondering why i want bagless?? It will be used daily and i know it will fill up...
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    Paper log / Briquette making.

    I've been trying to make these compressed paper logs using a mould and a bottle jack as shown on youtube. It looks really simple...soak the paper...mulch it with a drill and paddle then press it into a mould with holes in. All the vids make it look so easy...but when i compress it, the mulch...
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    What is hard burnishing oil?

    Can anyone tell me what hard burnishing oil is please? I've done some research and it's not at all clear....i saw it used on a pine stand with some end grain showing. The oil was applied and sanded into the stand using 120 grit up to 800grit. Thanks
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    What's the best epoxy?

    After some really helpful answers on my post for colouring epoxy. Thanks I now need to know if anyone can recommend a good clear epoxy for fixing cracks and other defects. There are so many out their....most are just 2 tiny 15ml tubes for around £6.00. Thanks
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    How to colour epoxy resin?

    I have a walnut board with some surface cracks and knots.... Does anyone know the best way to add colour to the repair epoxy? Pigment pastes are available in the uk but not in dark brown. Many thanks