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  1. Mr Ed

    For Sale Bostitch Compressor and Brad Nailer Combo Kit

    Bostitch C24 Compressor with 24 litre tank, pressure gauge and auto-switching Bostitch 1850BN 18 gauge Brad Nailer, takes 15mm-50mm nails 15 metre Bostitch pro air hose with couplers Clarke blow-off gun and spiral hose Large box of 35mm brads and small box of 50mm brads included Excellent...
  2. Mr Ed

    For Sale Jet JDP-17FM Drill Press

    Jet JDP-17FM Drill Press 3/4 HP 240v Motor with 16 speeds (170-3030) 80mm quill travel and 215mm throat 1-16mm keyless chuck Fenner Powertwist drive belts Rise and fall table, depth stop and guard Very good condition. £350 cash on collection, located near Belper, Derbyshire
  3. Mr Ed

    Sold Record CL3 Lathe

    Record CL3 woodworking lathe in excellent condition, only light hobby use. M33 2MT drive spindle, 3/4 hp motor with 5 speeds (475, 670, 985, 1410, 2070) Quick release tail stock and swivelling head stock Includes numerous extras as below: - Very solid Ash stand, giving great rigidity and mass...
  4. Mr Ed

    Jet JDP-17FM Pillar Drill Manual

    Morning all I recently bought a second-hand Jet JDP-17FM pillar drill, which unfortunately didn't come with a manual. The drive belts need replacing and currently the machine has an A-27 at the front and an A-29 at the back. Looking around online at manuals there appear to be quite a few...
  5. Mr Ed

    SOLD - Irwin quick-grip clamps X 10

    I have here 10 Irwin Quick-Grip clamps, in the following sizes: 2 X 30" bar 4 X 24" bar 2 X 18" bar 2 X 12" bar All in reasonable condition, one of the 24" ones has a bit of a crack in the side plastic trim on the handle, which has no effect on functionality. These all work well, I just...
  6. Mr Ed

    SOLD Jet AFS-500 air cleaner

    This is a Jet AFS-500 air cleaner, with lightly used filters in the machine and a set of brand new main and electrostatic filters. As you can see from the photos this is in excellent condition and includes the chains for suspension from the ceiling. The unit comes with a remote control and...
  7. Mr Ed

    REDUCED - Bostitch 24l compressor, hose and blow gun

    This is a Bostitch 24 litre oil-free compressor, with 15m of 3/8" hose with PCL connectors and a Bostitch blow-off gun. As with all the items I have sold here recently, this is in good condition having only had hobby use in warm and dry workshop. The compressor has a pressure regulator to...
  8. Mr Ed

    SOLD - DeWalt DW624 1/2" 1600W Router

    This is a DeWalt DW624 1/2" 1600W Router. Included with the machine are the micro-adjust fence, dust extraction fitting, 30mm guide bush, collet spanner, both 1/2" and 1/4" collets and the instructions. The machine is in good condition, having had only hobby use in a warm and dry workshop...
  9. Mr Ed

    SOLD - Makita 9069 9" Angle Grinder

    This is a Makita 9069 9" angle grinder, with guard and side handle. The blade spanner is included along with 8 un-used stone cutting disks and instructions. This tool shows a few scuffs as you would expect from a used tool of this type, but is in good working order and hasn't actually been...
  10. Mr Ed

    SOLD - Clarke CAM5002 24" Air moving fan

    This is a Clarke CAM5002 24" air moving fan, with 3 speeds, ideal for ventilating spaces when dusty or fume-filled. The fan has wheels for ease of movement and is fully tiltable. According to the spec this fan will do 5,900 cfm, or 167 m3/min - when its running full bore you really know about...
  11. Mr Ed

    SOLD - Bostitch SB16-64FN Finish Nailer

    This is a Bostitch SB16-64FN Finish Nailer, complete with case and 6 (mostly full) boxes of nails. This gun fires 16 gauge finish nails from 25mm to 64mm. The gun has adjustable countersink setting and the air exhaust port on the top is angle adjustable so it doesn't blow in your face. As you...
  12. Mr Ed

    SOLD - DeWalt DW626 1/2" Router

    This is a DeWalt DW626 1/2" router, which is the most powerful machine they make, at 2,300 watts. Because of the power it is ideally suited for a router table, which is how I've used it. It has a soft start function and adjustable speed which makes it suitable for larger cutters such as you...
  13. Mr Ed

    SOLD - Axminster WD16B Pillar Drill

    This is an Axminster WD16B pillar drill, in excellent condition having only had hobby use. The machine is 550W, with 12 speeds between 120 and 2580 rpm. It has a 3-16mm keyless chuck and 80mm travel on the quill. The table is height adjustable and angle adjustable, allowing 310mm from the...
  14. Mr Ed

    SOLD Blue Spruce Tool Works Paring Chisels - set of 6

    OK, next up in my clear out is a good one. This is a set of 6 Blue Spruce Tool Works paring chisels with African Blackwood handles. You can't currently buy these new in the UK as Blackwood is now on the CITES list and cannot be exported from the US where they are made, consequently the only way...
  15. Mr Ed

    SOLD - Veritas Bench Chisels (O1 Steel)

    For sale is this set of 4 Veritas Bench Chisels, which have O1 steel blades and the Torrefied Maple handles. The set includes 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4" chisels, which are arguably the only sizes most of us need. These chisels have an innovative combined socket and tang arrangement that makes for...
  16. Mr Ed

    SOLD - Veritas Cabinetmakers Trimming Plane

    For sale is this Veritas Cabinetmakers Trimming Plane. Only had a very small amount of use and is therefore in excellent condition. Comes with the original box and instructions. It could be yours for £100 including UK postage. Preferred payment method is bank transfer, but I could take PayPal...
  17. Mr Ed

    SOLD - ET Roberts & Lee Dorchester 12" Tenon Saw

    For sale is this ET Roberts & Lee 12" tenon saw with 13 tpi rip teeth. The saw is in excellent condition, having only been used for a couple of test cuts and nothing more (shortly after I bought it I then bought a full set of Wenzloff saws and consequently it has never been used). The saw has a...
  18. Mr Ed

    Axminster AW10BSB2 10" Table Saw - NOW SOLD

    Hello All Although I haven't posted here for some time, as a previously active forum member and knowing the community here, I thought there might be interest in the table saw I have for sale. The saw is an Axminster AW10BSB2 10" table saw, in the complete kit version which includes the cast...
  19. Mr Ed

    New English Workshop - Dutch Tool Chest Course

    Hello All I've not been posting here for some considerable time, but I did read the recent thread on the ATC course and enjoyed it, so I thought I would reciprocate by sharing my pictures of the Dutch Tool Chest course the following week. These are all from Instagram, which I used to capture...
  20. Mr Ed

    Winfield Metalworking Lathe

    Hello all Hope I'm within the rules putting this here, but I thought it might be relevant to this section to place a link to the metalworking lathe I have for sale in the other section; for-sale-metalworking-lathe-t73959.html See the other post for details Cheers, Ed